I'm a new python developer - so please be gentle with me. I created a repository using the Clash of Clans API which runs every hour for a few clans I'm tracking. It collects about 10-15 stats (although I can extend this to include all stats, just not enough DB space or manpower lol).

The repo tracks all the members in a clan hourly and the uses a frontend built with Plotly Dash (MANY MANY Improvement required) to see how your clan members are looting, donating and warring. I use this to "spy" on other clans in Clan War Leagues to estimate the number of stars the enemy clan is going to get and who are the good attackers before we war them

Please feel free to contribute to my code, give me suggestions. You are free to clone to the repo, set it up and start tracking your clan members.

Project Website: http://clashboard.me/activity

Github: https://github.com/adityapat3l/clash