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Thread: Was there a balancing/hidden update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InnerBunny View Post

    °Once hogs cleared defenses, they *used* to attack any hero/Skelly hitting them. Now, they attack skellies, but just watched an entire group run right by the Queen shooting them (she was closest thing to them) to hit on a dark elixer pump across the base while the Queen decimated what last week would have killed her and cleaned the base.

    [In fact, watching replays, the process seems to be that if there is *any* target in range *other than* a hero or cc troop, attack the *other* thing first. Watched it on CC draw and lures. Watched it on base cleanup where hogs now ignore the Queen.]
    Anyone attacking with hogs that have cleared all the def and hogs are then attacking anything else AND still the queen is standing shouldnt be attacking with hogs.... Suicide.

    First rule of hog's.. Queen and CC......

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    Yep first rule cc and aq

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    Something is odd for sure. I had a lava in my war cc, opponent attacks with ks, aq starts hitting lava but is behind other troops, they move ahead via a jump and the aq retargets onto buildings at the rear leaving the lava chasing other troops and not popping. She went onto clear a lot of base then rediscovers the lava and pops it. Is that normal? I always thought she goes after cc troops once she locks on unless they go out of reach and a wall is blocking her way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InnerBunny View Post
    You're not crazy.

    The Queen's AI has changed. Where before she could be used as part of the kill squad to dispatch enemy CC troops, now it appears she is entirely oblivious to them. Mine chooses to shoot anything that isn't a threat several tiles away instead of the Electro in double Poison and frozen by the Iggy it just killed RIGHT OVER HER STUPID TWIT HEAD.

    It has gotten so redundant I changed my army comp to add 5 wizards to do her job. Apparently SC believes the Queen should be assigned only to Queen Walks around the perimeter.

    Having the Queen AI changed to do something smart is apparently on the sticky of "Ideas Ruled Out by SC."

    On troop pathing/targeting give it a couple days. If it returns to normal, watch for it to go haywire again. Mine (as well as many others in my clan) does this on Sunday-Monday. Another guy in the clan has a Tuesday-Wednesday cycle of troops going full-on stupid.
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    queens AI is perfect. no need to hate on the queen because someone had a good base design. the grand warden AI needs to be fixed. Made a perfect funnel for my lavaloon to go straight into the core. used my king on the right side. Warden (set to air) leaves all of my air troops and follows the king, that happens to not die and go under the loons. Air warden should not prioritize ground. my CWL triple turned into a 1⭐️ fail.

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