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Thread: Mystery Derby List??

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    Mystery Derby List??

    ]Question?? Does anyone have a Mystery Derby list if that exists? The tasks that usually come up. I'm starting to write them down this week see if there is a pattern but I'm sure someone has already done this!!! Let me know please!!!
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    It says a task can be any task, some are worth 400 pts. I think in the past we have had everything from goat milk to strawberries to boats and baskets.

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    Mystery tasks are ANY derby tasks. From normally lower point to 320 points. Example, either 11 bacon (50 point value) up to 67 bacon (320 point value). Purely random. There is no pattern.

    Last Mystery Derby one of my hoodies got all normally long production 320 point tasks. Another hoodie got a majority of lower point values. I got a good mix of high/low & fast/slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverRaptor View Post
    Purely random. There is no pattern.
    For the last 2 mystery derbies, I have drawn the goat milking task twice for each derby. Somebody at Hayday must hate me.

    You can be sure I will start the derby with extra goat food.

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