We are looking for friendly neighbors to join our neighborhood. We are a fairly new small group but we're derby focused. We always help when we can and we want all of our members to grow. 💗
We are in Champions League. Currently, we have 1 gold trophy, 2 silver trophies, and 2 bronze.

🌻 English
🌻 Request to join, Level 30+
🌻 Promoted elder upon joining or before derby starts
🌻 1600+ points minimum in the derby or opt out please
🌻 Members with below 1600 points after derby ends have to sit out of the next one
🌻 We trash tasks below 320
🌻 Diamond task is optional
🌻 Talk to and help other members when you can^^
🌻 If you don't want to talk in the chat, please atleast check in every so often to let us know you're there
🌻 Joining the neighborhood discord is highly preferred, but we understand if you can't.

💗 Request to join with our tag: #Y8PRGU29 💗