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Thread: Should I start upgrading defenses now?!?!?

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    Update on account:

    Heroes (King 30, Queen 30, GW 13)

    Maxed buildings: DE storage, DE drills, Army Camps, all barracks, Siege Factory, both Spell Factories, Gold storage and Elixir storages.

    Gold mines (3 maxed, 3 lvl 12, and 1 upgrading to max) and Elixir collectors (3 maxed, 3 lvl 12, and 1 upgrading to max).

    Walls 264 lvl 10, 36 lvl 11
    Hidden Teslas all lvl 9 (1 upgrading to max)

    Giant bombs maxed
    Seeking Air Mines maxed
    Tornado trap maxed
    Spring Traps all lvl 3
    Skeleton Traps all lvl 2
    Air Bombs all lvl 3
    Bombs all lvl 5 (1 upgrading to lvl 6)

    Defenses all at lvl 1 still (decided to max teslas and traps first and finish off the remaining Gold mines and Elixir collectors, before i start upgrading defenses.) That way all of those other types of buildings are out of the way and the only thing I'll need to focus on outside of lab upgrades would be defenses and heroes.

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    Troops: all are lvl 1 except for
    Giants lvl 4
    Goblins lvl 3
    Wall Breakers lvl 3
    Wizards lvl 4
    Dragons lvl 3 (upgrading to lvl 4 in lab at the moment)
    Maxed (barbs, archers, balloons, miners, e-drags and lava hounds)

    Spells: all are lvl 1 except for lightening spell lvl 2, maxed heal, rage and poison.

    Siege Machines all lvl 2, so now i can donate maxed ones in my clan.

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    Heroes are now king 33, queen 33 and GW 16.

    Just started my last elixir collector and gold mine to max. So now I am officially done with buildings that need to be upgraded with elixir and the only gold upgrades I have left now are defenses and traps. My last tesla is currently going to max, got about 1 days and 18 hours left on it.

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    All 5 teslas are maxed now, and my last gold mine and elixir collector has finished upgrading. So now all builders are on my remaining traps.

    Skeleton trap 2/3 maxed 1d17hrs left on the last one
    Air bombs 6, 5 lvl 3, 1 lvl 4. 1 upgrading 19hrs30mins left
    Spring traps 8, 7 lvl 3, 1 lvl 4. 1 upgrading 1d9hrs left
    Reg bombs 6 all lvl 6, 1 upgrading to lvl 7 1d12hrs left

    All other traps are maxed already.

    Once the last skeleton trap is maxed I'll most likely use that builder on heroes.
    The 3 thats on the other traps I'll keep 1 builder on each trap until it is maxed then once they are start those builders on defenses.
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