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Thread: Do Labratory times need to be reduced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak2180 View Post
    Some lab time reduction for f2p players who don't buy gold pass or magic items wouldn't hurt anyone.
    it would hurt those who brought goldpass as it would decrease its value so indirectly it would hurt SC's business.
    ofcourse who wouldn't want some lab time reduction as an f2p but it aint gona happen. a lab portion(similar to builder portion) is also out of the question now.

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    Bottleneck is a problem for f2p. Removing this problem would dramatically reduce gem usage. Most of the money ive spent on this game has been spent on balancing lab with the rest of the base. The reductions are a nod to the f2p community, but they still will design challenges into the f2p experience that entices you to spend.

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    It would be really nice if troops and spells could be upgraded at the same time. Like OP said, maybe spells can be moved to the spell factory in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiddleC View Post
    Bottleneck is a problem for f2p. Removing this problem would dramatically reduce gem usage. Most of the money ive spent on this game has been spent on balancing lab with the rest of the base.
    if anything the slow lab speed makes me less inclined to spend gems on anything like builder potions or boosting barracks;
    for any new accounts it is possible even an extra builder is currently not worthwhile with so many other reductions and bonuses. Or the alternate is less time on the game, and therefore becoming less invested. If I am on for a long time each day I want to spend gems and buy any builder potions I see, however when there is nothing to do I don't need gems at all.
    I would argue that Faster Lab progression would encourage players to Gem more, as everything will feel more in reach.

    if Spell factories could upgrade spells it is then possible to have 2 potential researches to Gem at once ;
    if a troop is a day or 2 off upgrading I am much more likely to Gem it for a war hit than Gem a troop and then a whole spell back to back, but if both were part way through I would be much more likely to finish it off.

    If the spell factory could do spells it would also require more time on the game to get the resources to keep both Spells and Troops upgrading ; if anything this makes the gold pass look even more appealing, and again, the more time on the game, the more invested you get and the more likely to use gems. There is still a very long way to go to th 12, and it would encourage players to keep progressing rather than wait until troops and spells are done. Looking through the comments here it seems like a lot of players have maxxed out their base and then stayed at the TH another few months until the labs were done. A player who continues to th12 and onward will spend more gems than one who loses interest and drops off because they had nothing to do for a few months.

    Another good option could be a Lab potion, similar to the builder potion. Which would also be an opportunity for more Gems.

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    It is something that I wouldn't mind if supercell gave some thought to it and looked into it.

    I have a mini account that i rushed from the beginning to th12 for SM donations. Took me about 5 months to get to th12.

    According to clashtracker it'll take 623 days and 2 hours of build time before this account is maxed.

    265 days on heroes and 478 days on buildings, but the lab time is at a whomping 1020 days (about 2 years 9 months on the lab alone)

    So yes lab upgrade times could use a cutting

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciGobGang View Post
    With reduced build times and Gold Pass perks Clash of Clans is now faster than ever!
    New players can progress quickly, meaning the community can keep growing, and new player can enjoy the game without feeling like they are years behind. A lot of players who left are also coming back, and seem to be enjoying how quickly they can catch up. However, I have noticed that Troop and Spell research speed does now seem to be lagging behind build upgrades.

    As a max Th12 I started a new account when the Gold Passes launched, and in less than
    a month have reached TH 9 / AQ 17 / BK 13/ Lvl 8/9 walls, and my defences are starting to get close to max th9!
    However in my lab I have only been able to upgrade Dragons, Goblins. And I am working through Rage.
    I think the way things currently are people's bases can progress far quicker than troops, which may result in players only levelling specific troops and not everything; the progression currently does not feel ballanced for troops and spells.

    How are others finding the research speeds across other Town Halls?

    EDIT : Could Spell upgrades be moved to the Spell Factory for more balanced progression?
    I am sorry, but the problem here is where u used your magic items/gem/medals....
    Lab will always takes more time than buildings and that's is fine since most ppl won't use all troops that they have unlocked, to enjoy the game you don't need to have all lab upgraded like you would need your heros max or defenses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    I also thought that the lab time should be reduced. I have max th9 bt my troops and spells r still remaining
    I have 3 th9 minis at the moment that I'm working on maxing, the walls are done maxed my defense as well. Heroes are 22/20, 21/20 and 21/22 and the only thing I have left in the lab is DE spells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chainsaber89 View Post
    Rather than an upgrade time reduction, maybe as the Lab itself is upgraded, it gets additional upgrade slots? Say, a 2nd slot around TH8/9 and a 3rd at TH11/12?
    This would be nice, so that multiple jobs can be done at 1 time. I don't know if SC ever even consider/talked about this.

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    lab was and is always the bottleneck, but there still are people out there that won't accept it no matter what. And yet, SC won't do anything about it, things are going to be as it is, you better get used to it...

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