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Thread: If my clann goes to someone else's hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Actually you did! Giving something away for free is the same as selling something for zero dollars! How then did you relinguish the clan to someone else to begin with? Transferred Leader to another? Left the clan and allowed the game to decide whom the the new Leader would be? Both of those means are the Leader willingly transferring the Leadership to another (giving it away for free).
    Quote Originally Posted by LapDawg View Post
    I hate to sound like a broken record but, TC, READ THE ABOVE QUOTE MORE THEN ONCE. It doesn't matter if you "sold your clan to another" or not. You willingly gave away that right when you stepped down as Leader.

    Your ONLY avenue that you have is to convince the new leader to return leadership to you (for a quick fix only)!!!!!!!

    I'll also beginning to think (no offence mind you) that you're looking for a clan to take leadership from. Can you provide us your Player Tag so we can confirm if you were once leader of that clan?

    thanks sir for your information ........... close the topic here
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