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Thread: PhantomFortress | Casual War Clan | Recruiting Players

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    PhantomFortress | Casual War Clan | Help Us Grow

    Hello. Thank you for finding interest in joining this clan. Below you will find information regarding PhantomFortress.

    About PhantomFortress:

    - Clan Level: 3
    - Clan wars done: 17
    - Clan wars won: 7
    - Members: 42/50
    - Type: Invite Only
    - War Frequency: Twice a Week
    - Clan Location: United States
    - Elder and Co-Leader is owned by trust, respectively. Please do not ask for it.

    Join Requirements:

    - 1100+ Trophies
    - Town Hall 6 and up
    - No rushed bases
    - Active players
    - Use both attacks in war
    - Request troops before attacking in war
    - English speakers only

    NOTE: You do not have to participate in war and it is completely optional.

    War Schedule:

    - Mondays Thursdays at ~4-6 P.M EST

    I want to join this clan. What should I do?
    Thank you for wanting to join our clan. There are 2 ways to join this clan:

    - Searching by clan name: Type "PhantomFortress" in the clan search
    - Searching by clan tag: Type "#PCRQU90" in the clan search

    Please state if you came from the forums in your join request. You may write additional information if you wish to do so. Please allow ~12 hours after the join request is sent for it to be reviewed.

    Thank you again for taking the time to read this post. Hope to see you soon.
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