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Thread: Returning Player | TH7 Non Rushed | PB 1766

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    Returning Player | TH7 Non Rushed | PB 1766

    Took a break for +1 year and now wanting to start getting into the game again. Looking for a clan that I can be apart of for a long time. Must be an active clan that can donate constantly and do wars. All around friendly clan that can teach me a few nee things about the constantly changing updates. I have Discord if that's needed for clan communication.

    Player info provided by ClashOfStats link

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    We are looking for adults 18+ that are active. Th's 6-th10 non rushed bases that are loyal and does not take advantage of donations. No drama friendly fun clan that takes wars seriously. We will be doing 5 vs 5 until we are able to get more better players in the clan.
    The name of the clan is
    the clan id
    the banner is black and white
    the leader name is apex yurok252$
    if interested private message or send a invite in game saying "seen in forum"

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    New Scientists
    New Scientists is recruiting.
    We have a great team of active, experienced clashers, serious about fair play war.
    Our clan members participate in MLCW, potlucks and other arranged friendly wars.
    Apply in game to New Science Lab, our war academy (#9J89C89), where we'll help you build up your war skills.
    You can also join our discord (

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    I am from the Newbie Factory. We are a Level 15 War Clan. We are currently recruiting TH6-TH8 members.

    We are recruiting:
    •Non-rushed bases
    •Responsible members who will attack TWICE in war.
    •Members who can follow rules
    •People who want to be in Wars
    •People who will help out their fellow clan members (especially on donations)
    •Participates in Clan Games

    •Twice a week

    If you are interested in joining:
    •Search for our Clan: Newbie Factory (#2Y9G2ULC) and request to join

    We are especially looking for members from the USA but will take players from all around the world as long as they meet the above requirements.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    FYI, we require all to donate, participate in clan games and in wars.

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    Clan name : P.K
    Tag : #GJ98028L
    Level 12 war clan
    We would be glad to have you. You need to be able to converse in either english or urdu.
    A few of our war members have gone inactive so we're looking for new guys.
    No insulting
    No wrong donations
    Use both war attacks
    Get at least 2000 points in clan games
    We can help you with war and farming attacks etc.

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