Eyyy! I'm chickendude12, and me and some friends have just became active again and are trying to rebuild our clan "United Rebels". We are and always will be a war clan. Once we get started we will war constantly. We were very good in the past and want to get back to that glory. As we are just rebuilding right now, we have no requirements on joining. We are completely open, and if you are new, we have a few higher levels who will be able to help you out and grow As we start getting the clan rebuilt it will become invitation only with a town hall 6 minimum. We will never require that your on constantly or always chatting, but be a little active, make sure you donate when you can. Elder is given at 250 donations, and once you've earned trust and respect, and we see that your reasonably active. Our clan banner is the blue flame with a white backround, and we are currently level 5, me(chickendude12) and Lincoln5$ will be the top members. We hope to see you soon!