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Thread: Looking for a supportive NH

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Of yr advertising for players place ad in recruitment

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    Hi! We’re are a friendly, easy going hood, no Drama or Stress, but we love the Derby do play to win in the top 3, but not the end of the world if we don’t. Do what you can. Give us a try name of hood is HAYDAY FOR FUN! I’m Barb Leader. We are all at high levels, very helpful group. Just like courteous players. SO GIVE US A TRY! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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    We don't have many rules just that if you want the prizes from derby you do a task or 2, help each other and have fun. We are starting over our old NH got big then died out
    So here we are. I'm level 80. Come give us a shot. We are Adult-ish

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    Hello neighbor,
    We're in the search for a few good people to join us at the Foxhole II . What we're looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting if need be. You need to be active, Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play, choose tasks worth 320/400 please make sure to COMPLETE all tasks, 10th task is always optional. If you cannot commit to the derby please opt out to be fair to the rest of the neighborhood. We'll make you elder the second you join, so you can help trash tasks. New people will be opted out of derby until you say HI to us (we've been burned). We're friendly, self-sufficient, and very helpful. There's not a lot of rules, just have fun and work hard at the derby (if your opted in). We're on the smaller side for a neighborhood, but we still are able to collect all horseshoes! Come check us out, and help us grow!
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU ��

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    If your looking for a great hood, look no further, Head on over to Mulberry Misfits! We are a new hood with long time strong derby players and are in the Champions League! Get in with us now and become a part of our growing Hay Day “family”.
    Farm tag #PQ2JLPGG, Facebook Preferred! 320/400 tasks. We love to have fun and are laid back but competitive! Request to be a part of our FB Group.
    Come on over and check us out... looking for long term members we are small but mighty!

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