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Thread: I am now a max builder base player ... now what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gk47 View Post
    Where is the proof that bh9 will be released in next month?
    Darian has said several times that BH9 would be released in 2019-H1 and he has also said they are still on track for that release schedule. The next content release is the summer release, which is typically June/July. June being the last month of 2019-H1, him saying they were still on track for is a logical conclusion to draw that we will see BH9 next month sometime. Development schedules being what they are, that might slip into July, but SC has seldom missed a publicly stated release schedule by much.
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    I've been maxed since last December. I check in once a day to turn on clock tower and collect gems from mine. Don't bother attacking. Occasionally I will for gold pass, but not always.

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