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Thread: Is the API Dead Jim?

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    Is the API Dead Jim?

    Good afternoon all.

    I have been lurking for a while and after going back through the forum archive, I felt compelled to ask:

    Is the API Dead / dying?

    There hasn't been a post by someone from SuperCell in a very long time and the API is in "disrepair" in terms of ignored bugs / incomplete data, or incorrect documentation.

    With no updates, communication, feedback, or releases of any kind I have to wonder: Should I keep wasting my time with my NuGet package and git repo or is there some major overhaul and a /v2 in sight that I can hold on to?

    Even though it's not a "pure" REST API, there is a lot of promise here but I can't help but feel like SuperCell is undervaluing the developer community's impact on their bottom line.

    I'm also not expecting them to work on this out of the goodness of their heart's. If it's not a priority for the company, that's fine but it would be nice to know one way or the other in stead of continuing to see the slow trickle of repeat requests that go unanswered.

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    I think the API dying ...
    Some bug can be solve without many time. If SuperCell don't take the time to solve these tiny bugs, why he will take more time for add new data the API ?

    Also, do not wait for a response from SuperCell.

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    I don't think the API is dying, but also I don't think communication about it has ever been alive in the first place. You say no-one from SC has posted for a long time; but the reality is they never posted here apart from announcing it.

    I think there's a couple of reasons. Obviously the API isn't the top priority anyway - in-game stuff will always get the main focus from SC. But secondly it does seem that the devs prefer not to get sucked into the forum; they let the community managers handle all the communication on here. Although the devs do read stuff on here, I suspect they do so with guest accounts.

    And for something technical like this the community managers probably aren't in a position to chat about it much - it probably just sounds like gibberish to them. They would be reduced to passing messages back and forth more or less verbatim. Whereas with game stuff in other forum sections, since they play it and are involved in the design decisions, they can discuss it as far as they feel they confidentiality allows.

    What SC seem to do is bring a couple of people using the API into the NDA group, and presumably the dev(s) responsible for the API then talk to them directly in there.

    But that does leave the rest of the world wondering what, if anything, is going on, and without any support beyond what other players can resolve.
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    There are updates, just they are unannounced and you'll likely only notice if you are looking through the raw API data when debugging other issues and spot additional data being returned or information returned that was previously incorrect is now correct. It would be great if the API got a bit more love as there are a few areas that could be improved, but for the most part it is stable which I prefer over regularly updated with a lot of issues/breaking changes and outages.
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