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    i need builder boost 10% need some urgent sir

    please fix this issue..... as soon as possible

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    No Gold Pass Builder Boost for TH12 Mega Tesla

    TH12s level 5 Giga Tesla is still costing me 12 million - I dont have the storage capacity for that yet but I do have enough for 11 million, which would be more than enough? whys it not reducing the cost!?
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    This is a known bug that has not been fixed by SC yet.

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    Exclamation Builder hall and gold pass error

    I just upgraded my Builder Hall to level 7, it turns out that I'm going to buy the new camp and it has the same cost as if I did not have the gold pass. Everything else if it has reduction except that, it should be noted that I have unlocked up to 15% reduction in construction. I hope soon answer thanks

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    Thumbs Up Giga Tesla Upgrade a Bug for Gold Pass or Not?


    Can anyone confirm that the Gold pass 20% perk will be applicable for TH12 Weapon Upgrade ( Giga Tesla ).

    As i didnt find the perks applicable in the Last GP and this month GP too.

    Is it a bug or 20% perk will not be applicabe on Giga tesla?

    I have wrote regarding this H& S, but didnt get a proper response.

    Can someone confirm on this.

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    Can anyone please confirm?

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    right behind you
    following has bee reported:
    - gigatesla not getting goldpass reduction
    - armycamp in builderbase not getting goldpass reduction

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    I think it is deliberate and not a bug �� I heard it was All TH builds though, not just Tes

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    Can anyone from Supercell confirm on this please?

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