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    Love the new theme, it looks much better than before in my opinion.

    Is this going to be real eased along with vBulletin 5 or are you going to stick with the one that does seem to work?
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    This looks awesome! Off Topic- We can reply
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    not everyone is a nerd with no life playing coc on the 25th of December

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    Says the guy posting on the CoC forum on Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPAW[Supercell] View Post
    Hello everybody,

    First off, everyone at Supercell would like wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2014. A lot of great stuff is in the pipeline for next year, and we're excited to continue to bring you the quality gaming experiences you've all come to expect and enjoy.

    I'm personally happy to report that we've also been working to refresh the look and feel of the forums. Check out the link below to see some work-in-progress screenshots of what we'll be bringing you in 2014. I'd love to hear your feedback, so feel free to reply with what you think.

    Finally, most of your community team is going to enjoy the next couple of weeks with their friends and families. So if you don't see us around it's not because we don't love you. We'll still be checking in from time to time and will do our best to keep you informed.

    Happy New Year!!

    looking cool chief 👍👍 Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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    Wow. Nice work man. It all shearing is amazing. Very well done.

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    Looks awesome, but the barb looks crazy haha
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    Wow, that's pretty cool!
    Quote Originally Posted by Supercell
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    Good job SC !
    Well SC should make an application for forum?

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    great, looking forward to it !

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    Thumbs Up Muy buena

    Habra alguna promoción de compra por fin de año en Clash of clans

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    Hmm. Looks busy, no?

    Im skeptical if i may

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    fette is always right
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    fette knows best

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