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    lijpo Th9

    Iím a complete Maxed th9 besides heros. My King is level 17 and my queen is level 22. I have 550 War stars and I always donate. Feel free to message me or invite me to ur clan, my ID is

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    Port Alberni, B.C.
    assuming you are an adult non hardcore player, you are welcome at H.O.C....

    H.O.C. is hiring at #V9J9JQRV

    Lower TH?
    Tired of hardcore war clans or clans run by 9 year olds?
    Want benefits of being in a clan without crazy war pressure?
    House of Cali’s is your Clan.

    What we offer:
    -level 8 clan
    -small, no pressure optional war once or twice a week
    -a place to grow and learn and just have fun
    -training/feeder clan for level 13 clan(B.C. Buds @#8VLYJLJC)
    -yes, chat is quiet but donations are solid
    -drama free
    -non serious so no apps needed
    -max out every clan games
    - currently sitting in gold 1 in CWL

    What we are looking for:
    -ADULT, non hardcore players
    -participation in clan games
    -if you war, please NO rushers/engineers and do both attacks according to clan mails
    -folks just looking to have fun playing a game
    -clan is set to invite only(closed during war) so please say you are from the forums when you request to join or...
    -pm partsguy in forums if we interest you or in game at clan tag #V9J9JQRV

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    Hey man, you sound exactly what we are looking for! We are a bunch of adults who have started a new war clan and looking to grow fast, if you fancy joining and helping us out check out the recruitment link:

    Hope to see you soon,


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    Everyone is welcome to participate in cwl🙂

    🔥🔥#pvuyclr8- Terror vibes Lvl 14- Competitive Th9 and below wars🔥🔥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders.
    KIK - rith1080
    Discord - Shaggy#7246
    IGN - Rith [ #9Q0V88PQ ]
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    You've been added to Clash Champs recruiting posting to 27 discord servers. Expect some invites.
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    Recruiting TH8+ (THE_BOYS) <#28LG8GPUU>

    Friendly clan looking to grow with active adults players (18+). Non-rushed base preference
    ⭐️Daily wars
    👥Troop donations
    🏆 Stacking
    🤳🏼 Active Player-base
    💰 Spenders

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