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Thread: Help signs arenít staying up on my boat

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    Help signs arenít staying up on my boat

    I have been going through this for awhile. Thought it was fixed last week. My help signs are still not staying up on my boat. I stay up a little bit later for the boat to get filled only to go back to a boat where the signs have disappeared.

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    Have you been logging out of the game within a minute or so after putting up the help flags?

    If you log out before the server gets a chance to save the action you will come back to find your last action not done & have to redo it.

    what I do is flag for help, go randomly visit a couple farms in the DD or friends list, then log out to ensure a save to the server. If I’m still unsure & need to make sure it got saved I’ll log back in, check my flags, if still there I log back out.

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    No but just to make sure I will do that. This has been an issue for years but lately it seems worse than normal.

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    This is STILL happening.

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    Even if you do check your flags, you can come back to empty crates where it looks like you didn’t ask for help. And the ones that were filled by friends before you logged out looks like you filled them yourself.

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