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    Italian communities in Clash of Clans

    I want to post this interesting article, taken from the blog of the largest Italian Community, which describes the rather disastrous situation faced by Clash of Clans in Italy, and the reasons (that all the most affectionate and mature players know very well) why this game doesn’t it has developed in this country as well as in other European countries.

    The main causes are an inefficient management of communication and a support that should be provided to all the communities and that is instead reserved only to "few chosen" who fall into a very restricted circle of friends and that involve very few players. We hope that Supercell becomes aware of this situation and takes direct actions.

    Below the article:

    The Italian communities in Clash of Clans: journey through distortions and truths

    Within the game of Clash of Clans there is a distortion of reality that is difficult to find in other competitive games: that’s related to the management of Italian Communities, to their basic concept and to their function within the panorama of competitive electronic games.

    What are the Communities and what are they for? On this simple element is based most of the instrumental distortions that are used today to convey users on one rather than on another Community, paradoxically relying on the same conceptual ideologies that are enunciated as absolute evil. The other Communities are (or should be) simple aggregators of players, most of which are managed by volunteers, that obviously first of all are simple players of Clash of Clans, who exercise a role of "creators", organizers and managers of events, only for free and mere passion.

    Without communities, events, rewarding or not, and competitive tournaments between clans and single players wouldn’t exist and the game would be much more "flat" and perhaps monotonous. There wouldn’t also be the possibility of confronting, even in a lively manner, within multiple “containers” such as those created with the various social groups and based on instant chats such as Telegram and Discord from the Communities.

    Let's debunk a first story that is ridden too often and improperly. Creating and managing a Community of a certain size and with a certain basic infrastructure (consisting of one or more websites beyond the various social groups), has a very high managerial burden (also economic). It requires various skills, is implemented by private, and last but not least in the case of our Community, volunteers animated exclusively by the passion for the game. The groups created and managed by them obviously have rules. They aren’t “public squares" without any rules, but also within them there are still basic behavioral rules.

    To access the groups you have to apply and you are subject to acceptance by the staff who have the responsibility to manage them. Being within a certain group is not a "due" or naturally acquired fact. It’s the full and absolute discretion of the managers to decide if a player has the characteristics to remain or not in a certain group. It’s just like the clan leaders that have full decision to kick out a member from the clan if he isn’t compliant with the expectations and the required behavioral lines or if he does not comply with the rules (for example about donations, warfare, clan points etc.).

    What is the purpose of the community? Just aggregate as many players as possible to realize aggregating and competitive events in the spirit of the game itself: a competitive electronic game (just to point up).

    The competition this unknown. The healthy one exists since the start of the game and consists of competition between clans, players and, obviously, Communities. Several choices to which the players decide, in total autonomy and full decision-making, if to join or not, choosing without any constraint. And here is one of the many distortions existing only in Clash of Clans, the fairy tale that the players are considered "numbers" and that they are "used" in some way by this or that community.

    Do any of the readers of this article perhaps feel a "sheeple" that can be "conveyed" or "used" in some way against one's will? Because this is exactly how some of the players want to pass through.

    Disproved this absurd concept, we face another question: the management of the Communities as private groups, in compliance first with the Italian laws and of the Supercell policy in the second instance. This is obvious because in these policies you can write anything, but it is not said that they are effective in the country in which they are applied. Many things can be contrary to the laws and regulations of a certain country in which the company that makes the game operates.

    What are the management methods within which a community can be managed? Let's start with the basic concepts of the Supercell policy, according to which, for example, no Community can "boast" names such as "officially supported by Supercell", "Official Partner Clash of Clans" and other similar amenities that we continue to read a little everywhere. No Italian Community is "officially supported" by anyone. It is also strictly forbidden to use the brands and the name of Supercell and its games to create websites, social spaces or anything else through which to carry out lucrative activities. It would therefore not be possible to insert advertising banners to earn on the clicks on the sites used for this activity, while in reality most of these are infested with banner ads that affect navigability and readability. And here we find the first paradox of this game and its environment: rumors that praise the scandal, and the alleged lack of ethics on the part of this or that community, which rise from sites and groups that are evidently at odds with the policies Supercell precisely because they are full of advertising, where on every clicks you have a return, or who sell "player services" accessible for free in any other Community. We then lay down a pitiful veil on "fair play", also strongly driven by Supercell and paradoxically a workhorse on the part of Communities that have carried out activities, fully documented, in stark contrast to this ethical sporting attitude.

    In none of the cases described above there was any "sanction" or official condemnation by those who the community should manage by ensuring that the Supercell policy is respected.

    Now we can turn to a long-standing question, the management of events with gems in prize, or the management of prize competitions in Italy because the events with gems are nothing other than this. Beyond the more or less imaginative descriptions that we have had the opportunity to read around and that have no legal-regulatory basis (even the "gifts" have strict regulations with equally stringent requirements). To carry out events with prizes it is necessary to follow a long bureaucratic procedure. We are submitted to a series of very complex and burdensome obligations and we have to be equipped with a technological infrastructure able to protect the participants in relation to the management of sensitive data collected through the participation forms, topics that we have already discussed in a previous article.

    The article was necessary to clarify some issues related to the management of the reward events, carried out by our Community in compliance with the current legislation. This is a practice established in the field of eSports (and it’s not a case if the first Supercell eSport event has a prize pool of 1 million euros), and in line with the Supercell policy. ITC is currently the only Community titled Official Organizer of eSport events, including prizes, as a sports association affiliated with the national GEC sector, registered with ASI, a sport promotion organization officially recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

    The strange thing is that in this same area in Clash Royale where the presence of eSport Organizer is massive, the things work very well and without the problems forcedly and suspiciously highlighted in an instrumental way in Clash of Clans.

    Lately, more and more often we can read in the only blog that is also advertised in game (despite the existence of others) articles and posts of a philosophical-religious character, catastrophically praising the end of ethics and human respect, with unlikely sociological analysis and more or less explicit references to something impossible to understand.

    However, what does it have to do with Clash of Clans and with a competitive game in a wider exception?

    Isn't that someone is playing the wrong game? Supercell also produces Hay Day, a non-competitive game through which you can build your own virtual farm, raise cows and chickens and sell eggs and cheeses on the market. CoC is it not this type of game, and not one in which we must "fight against" be more suited to the various hippies that populate the game and praise love? On the other hand maybe it's the most classic fox that doesn't get to grapes saying it's unripe. But perhaps, thinking it over and more probably, it is the usual classical philosophy of "leveling everything down" so that managerial mediocrity, clientelism and the attempt to monopoly, phenomena that unfortunately exist in all areas including the ludic, as well as the no ambition can blend in without any effort.

    Well, we give you a good or bad news ...

    ITC exists and will continue to exist and will do so in the most competitive way possible by providing players with what they ask for: aggregation and rewarding competition!
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    Please use paragraphs and add a TLDR. This is unreadable and gives me headache
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    Didn't get past the first part... so many errors and concatenations ... what exactly are you hoping to achieve, besides having people skip this post [wall of text, many will search for the TL;DR summary at the end that isn't there]

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    This entire thing is filled with just wild guesses and strawman arguments.

    Nothing is even remotely approaching accurate here.

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    - There are Italians in Clash of Clans
    - Clash of Clans is not Hay Day
    - Grapes are not ripe
    - Something about hippies
    - Italians stay in Clash of Clans

    You are most welcome.

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    Google translate clearly still needs a lot of work.

    I read from start to finish, consider myself an educated person and came out of the experience wondering what message it was, exactly, that you were trying to convey....

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    I agree. This was like reading one of the passages from graduate school exams that test your reading comprehension skills. Except, I have failed to grasp the key points of the article.

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    And why do you think whatever you are trying to say has anything at all to do with Italy speciflcally?

    There is nothing in what you said which is any different between Italy and any other European country.
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    Well, don't expect any reply from OP - this is clearly google translate and they'll probably be google translating our posts to find answers which will come up with nonsense on their side creating a communication vacuum from which nothing will coalesce.

    Thanks for coming, I guess. Have a good week?
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    This seems like it went through Google translate once, and then somebody who kinda understands English got a round of proofreading in.

    Like some other who have replied I read the whole thing and I have no idea what the arguement is here or how it has anything to do with Italy

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