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Thread: Killer Koala's Clan Recruitment Thread

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    Killer Koala's Clan Recruitment Thread

    Clan Name: Killer Koalas #RRQO98R8

    Leader: Oh Rozina (me)

    Clan Level: 12

    War Log: 244 - 57 - 2

    Welcome To Killer Koalas!
    We're a decently aged clan running for almost 2 years until we merged with another war clan, but now I'm deciding to bring it back for casual wars and CWL. We currently have 6 members in the clan, in which 5 of us are war-ready and currently running 5v5's for the time being. We're looking for semi-experienced players with a decent exposure to war, and having learned attack strategies to secure the 3-star.

    1) Must be either a MAXED or NEAR MAXED* Town Hall 7 or higher. Rushed players will not be accepted, and you'll have to post at least one (1) attack that you use for war and is a 3-star attack*.

    2) This is an ENGLISH speaking clan. Anyone that cannot speak fluent english or english that's understandable will not be accepted due to communication reasons.

    3) At least 150 war stars is a big plus since that shows you have some experience in wars.

    *Near maxed means you either have hero(s) left to upgrade to max level(s), or walls. All other buildings maxed except walls and hero(s) is what I consider near maxed.
    *3-star war attack replays must be on a Town Hall that is the same as yours, and not rushed. Rushed defenses don't count since realistically people max their Town Halls to war, or have defenses from the last Town Hall.

    Feel free to request to join! There's no trophy requirement, but you will be accepted based on the top requirements. I'm not a tough recruiter, so if you closely meet the requirements, then you most likely will be accepted.

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