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    What Would You Ask Game Developers, if you could?

    Something a little different than in the past...

    please keep this within forum guidelines and rules

    here are mine!

    what is the reasoning behind the current limit of booster storage?

    i know we tend to save far too many of some things, like vouchers, but I am always wanting to store one or 2 more, so I am ready to activate one from the 5 categories I save.

    why is there currently no option to “activate now” with new boosters?
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    Dear Hay Day developers,

    What long-term challenges do you face as you try to sustain the game? Thank you.

    Warmest regards,
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    What the hell?
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    As a new player visiting a neighbourhood trying to learn about the derby (and the different kinds of derbies), I wonder why can’t I see the task board?

    I had a helpful friend show me a screenshot in Discord so I could see what she was talking about, but if we didn’t have that...? People shouldn’t *have to rely on out of game apps/websites for something like this, imo.

    (In Clash, the Clan Games, including players’ progress and points, are viewable. In regular war and CWL, everyone can see war maps, clan castles, replays, all the stats, etc.) I can’t figure out why this isn’t the case in HD?

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    May we have an updated Hay Day fankit please?
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    If they could please give us a way to tell if a farm has been dormant for a month. Since they only give us 250 in game friends it would be handy to be able to delete those who are not playing anymore.
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    What are the current priorities in game development?

    Fix current problems? New functionalities? Game security?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayfield View Post
    If they could please give us a way to tell if a farm has been dormant for a month. Since they only give us 250 in game friends it would be handy to be able to delete those who are not playing anymore.
    Yes to this!

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    How much detail do they need/want for a new idea to be attractive?
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    I would like to ask what is the reasoning behind restricting items you need from the Daily Dirt as soon as you need them? I needed lots of wheat once and I could not believe there was not one sheaf of wheat being sold for 15/20 minutes Obviously it is built into the game as the minute the item is made or no longer required then the item immediately appears back in the Daily Dirt. I know this is a resource management game but when you need for example 8 jars of blackberry jam and you run out then sometimes the only way is to try to buy them or use diamonds. I do use diamonds but not for 8 jars of jam. Thanks for the opportunity to ask.

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    My questions:
    1. when we can greet the Penguins ? 😘💕💕💕😁😊

    2. Is there any possibility about Barn organizing (by machine / A - Z)?

    3. Can we play Greg's Wheel of Fortune truck 1 turn please? (as a daily extra gift)

    4. I love the advent calendar on Greg's farm last Christmas, can we have it every month? 😊😊😊 it was very challenging & exciting to search & find out the hidden number. Love it.

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