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Thread: Strike1st level 10 b2b war clan

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    Back to back war clan

    Hey guys, I'm a coleader of the level 10 clan

    -Strike1st - #2OL2GVUCO

    We are a back to back war clan with a current record of 82-34 and are currently in crystal 1 for CWL. We're looking for active Tonwhall 10s,11s, and 12s. Very friendly clan with a bunch of good guys who like to keep the conversation going. 2500 trophies to join come check us out !

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    Strike1st level 10 b2b war clan

    Hey guys my name is big Trev I'm co leader of the war clan Strike1st. We are 84-33 currently and like to get about 3 wars a week in. Right now we're at crystal 1 for clan war league. Easy rules, max clan games, and use both attacks in war. Feel free to ask questions if you neeed anything and don't hesitate to come check us out. Recruiting town hall 10s,11, and 12s.

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