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Thread: GANG RELATED. Returning Players Looking to Build a Clan (UK) ....

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    GANG RELATED. Returning Players Looking to Build a Clan (UK) ....

    We are a group of active UK based players (9) who have recently returned from a spell away from the game. We are looking to start a healthy, active war clan and work our way up through the ranks. You can't do much with only 9 players!

    We are looking for players of all experience levels to create a fun, relaxed but organised culture with lots of donations and wars (which we will win)! If you are interested in being a part of something new and taking on extra responsibility, or even if you just want to come and play some clash with some great people - we welcome you!

    We are currently a level 3 clan on our way to level 4 and we appreciate that a lot of players are looking for a level 20 clan where everything is set up perfectly for wars, donations flow, and clan games are maxed out; but ask yourself how rewarding it would feel to create something for yourself and see the war wins rack up? With 9 players already it won't take much to build up into a great clan.

    If this sounds like a project you want to take on, just drop by the clan and have a chat with us! #UR808L8G

    Look forward to playing with you!

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    Hey We are an Lvl 12 clan . You guys wanna merge to us?

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    It's a possibility - send someone over for a chat?

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    Bump thread

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