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    Help with forum rules

    Hello everyone!
    In my Clan on COC we have a guy that rushed TH 12 a long time ago just so the rest of us can have siege machines. The account is basically useless now and we are only using it for siege machines when we get matched with stronger clans. Since that guy spent a lot of time on that account before rushing it on TH 12 and then decided to help the clan and "destroy" his village, we decided to try and repay him so we made PayPal account and made a donation link (we are no experts but it works). We are trying to gather at least 200$ so we can donate him gems and that way making the base at least "operational". We are just interested if making posts like this is allowed on forums, that way we can spread the word and maybe get a few bucks. Thank you

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    While there is no specific rule prohibiting crowdfunding on the forums it's probably best to just not do it
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    What Phoenix said - threads soliciting payments will be removed.

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