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Thread: 3 - Max th12s and 1 max th11 Looking for clan

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    Only a few hours until CWL WAR SEARCH STARTS. swing past if you have not found a clan yet.

    MY player ID is #VQOVQJY2 check me out.

    We are an international based 3* war clan who strives for success. We Currently have over 500 war wins.

    General Information

    ◦ We do not kick people if they do not get 3*s all the time.
    ◦ We do back to back wars and have an occasional break for one day only
    ◦ One day break is to gather some resources, get your hero upgrades in etc
    ◦ You can opt out of wars as needed. No pressure to be in wars here.
    ◦ One day break is to gather some resources, get your hero upgrades in etc. If you have any further questions or if I have missed anything out, inbox me on forums, or join 'Ignite Fury' #982LUU09 AND PLEASE MENTION YOU ARE FROM FORUMS! Tell them JB sent you.

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    Franchise 8 / #20V0C0G9R / Lvl 7 / CWL Gold ll / Max Clan Games / Quick Donation / Supportive Team Members / Ample Town Hall 12 to give seige

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    Recruiting: Little sneakers lvl 17 war clan



    #What do we look for?

    ⚡Th10 - Th12⚡

    ⚡Adult only⚡

    ⚡War participants⚡

    ⚡Great people willing to learn and coach⚡

    ⚡Clan activity⚡

    #What's in it for you?

    ⚔War wins⚔

    ⚔Adult Clanmates⚔

    ⚔War Leagues include all players⚔

    ⚔Constant activity⚔

    ⚔No required donation ratio⚔

    ⚔An active and organized discord server⚔

    ⚔Wars of 30+⚔

    ⚔Fair play clan⚔

    ⚔Participate in as many events as you want⚔

    ⚔Relaxed atmosphere with no drama⚔

    ⚔Always complete Clan Games⚔


    Join our server at:

    ⚔Little Sneakers #YQ2RY0VP⚔
    ⚔The Family Circle Alliance⚔

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    No copy paste yawnfest.. We are a level 16 no nonsense adult warclan.. Mainly uk and usa.. Won 46 from last 50... Just had a 24 streak.. .about to be promoted to champs 2 in our first attempt.. We war with 10 to 15 th12s and all practice and embrace new metas.. We have our spuds but we are supportive.. No distracting external apps like line discord.. We keep it all in game #PPJUJYVQ The Defenders you would be welcome.. We are currently split for multiple cwls. Stop by an check us out... Gl

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    Hey there, we're an experienced clan that has been playing together for years. Clan name is The Chefs table. Come take a look

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    ♥️ Black Brain - #9RJVOCYJ
    ⚔️ Fair Play Casual War Clan

    We are part of The Big O Family!

    Clan Description:
    •Black Brain is a back to back Fair Play Casual War Clan. Which means we take war serious to win because we all want that loot we have a few rules but not over the top and we like to have a casual/respectful environment.

    •We are looking for like minded players both veterans and new players alike who are looking to war back to back participate in Clan Games, CWL and League Play. We want loyal members who want to clash and grow with us. We have players from all over the world here in BB and TBOF.

    •You are not expected to be perfect in war but we do expect you to try your best and you must use both attacks in war. There’s no such thing as a bad attack if you learn from it and continue to practice. If you are willing to learn and have a positive mindset then we want you here.

    •You can check out TBOF subreddit, Twitter and BB’s forum page down below!
    • [Twitter](

    •Black Brain has signed up for the NDL Season 5!

    Clan Requirements:
    •TH10 - 35/35+
    •TH11 - 45/45/15+
    •TH12 - 55/55/25+
    •All accounts applying must be balanced!

    Discord is required - Join Today!

    War rules:
    •TH9’s and TH10’s complete attacks within first 12hrs!
    •Claimed bases are good only for 2 hours!
    •You can dip 1 TH level from your own!
    •Both heroes must be up to war!
    •Both war attacks must be used!
    •No mirrors or assigned targets!
    •Be respectful at all time!

    Why you should join:
    •Adults only!
    •League play!
    •B2B Clan Wars!
    •Max Clan Games!
    •Relaxed atmosphere with no drama!
    •Active and organized discord server!

    ⚠️ Interested❓Click link to join! ⬇️
    Last edited by Medina2146; May 9th, 2019 at 06:04 AM.
    Black Brain #9RJV0CYJ is part of The Big O Family!
    Casual FP War Clan that also participates in league play.
    Join our Discord server today to check things out!
    Leader of BB - Maximus TH12

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    A friendly, mature, Aussie, War Clan.
    407 wins 122 losses

    I see you are looking for a clan! We invite you to check out AWW! We are relaxed yet serious war obsessed clashers. We are mostly adults but do have the odd whipper snapper amongst us to keep us feeling footloose and fancy free!! Also to give us a chance to test us on the GEN Y Acronyms.

    Why join us?

    • AWW is an organised War Clan. We use Discord to communicate.
    • We play for the enjoyment of the game and we all strive to become that little bit better at the game.
    • We offer a competitive war environment as well as B2B wars.
    • Members have a chance to be a part of all events, Potluck and other competitive game play with the ACA.

    Who are we looking for?

    • We are looking for players who love war and are active. We don't want members that just show up and perform both attacks.
    • We are NOT looking for a WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM attacker.

    • Looking for members that have a burning desire to become 3 star specialists.
    • No rushed bases
    • Seek active players who love to war!

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    We are trying to rebuild a clan which went through a lot.

    The tag is #8YUGLPC2 CHAOS REIGNS level 15 now.
    We have come a long way now and trying to be better at clash every day. Feel free to see the clan. We are good sometimes and rusty sometimes but we keep trying best. We chill, max out games in one day, consistent in war leagues and war a lot as well.

    If you like it we can make space for all ur bases and send some to feeder too.

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    Feel free to join our discord to start an application. If you have received this post on the forum you should take it as a waiver to the general requirements if you do not meet them

    But you should still go through and get a feel for the clan and how we roll.

    We are a war first clan, I spend a lot of time online helping people with their attacks and layouts. We have about 30 members and 80% of them fall within the Th10+ range with the remainder being friends visiting or alt accounts.

    As per usual members who have IRL or upgrading heroes have been opted out so war sizes as small. Chances are you will not be anywhere close to the top of the list in our clan wars.

    I am looking more for experienced or seasoned players. I donít mind helping you out if you seem to be someone worth investing in though.

    If you have any questions, just ask on discord. Itís pretty much required for the clan and itís where we are going to handle all our events.

    Hope to see your application!


    For clan; Project Meteor

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    Quote Originally Posted by acarter634 View Post
    Title says it all. Our currently clan has become inactive and we are looking for a new home to grow. We are strong attackers who change with the current meta for the best chance to 3 star max bases. Our main goal is to find an ACTIVE clan that is competitive and friendly. We are wanted to improve our talent and help out a clan as well. Please respond here with any open clans. Thanks
    Kaiser family looking for players
    You can join with your accounts here we are at Master League good record
    Adult community
    High donation Friendly challenges and friendly !


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