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Thread: Need a suggestion on upgrade to TH12

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    Need a suggestion on upgrade to TH12

    Need some help deciding where to go from here. I am a TH11 with maxed heros and defenses. I have 179 walls yet to upgrade to level 12. I still need to upgrade my Dragons to lvl 6, Baby Drag to lvl 5, Miner to lvl 4, Bat Spell to lvl 4 and Ice Golem to lvl 4. I am currently floating around the 4200-4300 trophy range. Should I adjust my trophy count to farm easier? (I farm with my war composition so that I can get better at war attacks.) I do have 385 CWL shields for use. Was debating on banking those up for my move to TH12 so that I can instantly upgrade heros or most important buildings to get a jump.

    Recommendations on what might be best?

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    Well there are a lot of different ways you can go.
    Since you have research left, I would throw in a lab item you didn't get to at 11 then upgrade the Lab so it does double duty while upgrading. That is don't book/hammer it.

    It me some of the best medal use
    hammer of building
    Clan Castle (allows you to upgrade prior to upgrading gold storage)
    Workshop 2 & 3 (unless you don't mind having the work shop on upgrade because you have a lot of 12s who freely donate siege)
    Dark barrack - this is QOL if you don't mind troops taking twice as long to cook don't waste the hammer
    Hammer of troops
    Any troop you use a lot that takes 12+ days to upgrade
    Hammer of heros
    Great if you don't like raiding with heroes down
    Builder Potions - great value at 15 minutes per as each one save 45 builder hours if you have 5 builders working.

    Army camps are good to book/hammer but since you can use them while upgrading I usually just wait them out.

    I would not book/hammer any defenses unless that's all I had left.
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