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    Cool Hay Day Dairy Blog!

    Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog post on what is happening with the upcoming update! In our first episode of the Dairy News we informed you all that we won't have an update in the spring of 2019. Instead, were fully focusing on something new and exciting, which should be out mid-2019.

    Weve been working hard since the release of the Dairy News video, and now you can see some early concept artwork of some of the things you will find in this new feature. As a reminder, were focusing on three design pillars: co-operative, non-competitive, and stress-free gameplay.

    To support those pillars, were designing something for all players, no matter if you are a solo player or in a big Neighborhood. It is kind of a new "layer" on top of the daily activities you do on your farm, and completely optional.
    Weve had some internal playable versions, and the team is super EGGcited about the current progress. It looks, feels and smells like any other big Hay Day update. It is something very different and most importantly, fun!

    The main ingredient of this new feature is to take you on a journey, but with a twist.

    Weve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but never nailed down a clear vision of what it should be and how it would fit in the game. Now we have something and were confident that players will love this new update when it is ready and released.

    In these concept images below, you can see a tiny glimpse into the feature. We can't comment what they are, where they will be and how they will work, but we wanted to show you something new. A very early sneak peek!

    NOTE: these are early concepts so everything can (and probably will) change for the final versions!

    We cant reveal more right now, but we are aiming to release a new Dairy News video soon. Lets see what we can share with you then!

    We hope youre enjoying the derbies and events, including the new XP, booster and diamond weeks. There's still more coming, so keep your eyes and ears open!

    All the best,

    Game Designer / Hay Day
    Nick / Supercell
    Community Manager
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    Very anxious!!!!

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    Hay Day Dairy Blog Update 2019 - Sneak Peek - New Buildings

    R3DKNIGHTs aka Rangers Ideas

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    "NOTE: these are early concepts so everything can (and probably will) change for the final versions!"

    Does this mean you just recenty started on this update? Were you mulling over lots of possible ideas and have just recently decided on this final direction? Because in the earlier mentions of this upcoming update, you seemed to imply that you had started working on it months ago. My concern being whether the release date of mid-year is realistic? Or is it possible that it will slip back to fall or beyond?

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    Happily anticipating this update. 😊 Thanks WussyPuss for highlighting it in the General Forum thread.
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    Well it doesn’t look like a Tardis, so it’s sounds very interesting.

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    I hope that this is "huge" and not disappointing like "Maggie" was for me at least!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestajunior View Post
    Well it doesn’t look like the Tardis, so it’s sounds very interesting.
    LOL. If it looks too much like the Tardis, Supercell may have to pay a license fee to the BBC.

    Thank you Team Hay Day for informing us that the new update is still on schedule to be released in mid 2019.
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    What the hell?
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    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    I cant watch anymore videos, knowing it isnt coming out soon. Im too impatient, I will just be surprised- one way or another!

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    I'm excited about the update in any case. Just trying not to get my hopes too high and then be disappointed by another "Maggie" or "pet names".
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