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    Trolls joining an reporting

    On Easter we had problem in our clan. Two accounts were harrashing us. Clan is invite only, but in our clan was some on who was their friend and he invited them to clan. So, we had to kick them out and they joined again. We even changed our clan to closed, but it did not help. They could still join our clan. Once I counted that they joined 14 times in five minutes. We had to kick out almost 15 players from our clan before we found out who was inviting them!

    No it seems, that those same trolls were also reporting our players when they were in our clan. And for example I am now banned for two days by Supercell and I cannot play the game.

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    Bummer. I'm glad you located the member of your clan who caused this problem and I hope you've permanently barred them from your clan. Unfortunately, in order for you to have been banned, Supercell Support must have seen some questionable messages in your clan chat. Just reporting you wouldn't cause a 2-day ban, but offensive messages would. Even though you may have felt justified in your posts, it sounds like your temporary ban is for breaching Clash of Clans' community standards. That is a matter for support and no players here can discuss your ban with you. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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