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Thread: Another bingo derby question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momscar View Post

    The wool, bacon and goat milk were from our original task board. We did our best to avoid to the trifecta of bad tasks, and we did!

    We ended up doing a few non-320 tasks, as we were afraid it wouldn’t come up again at higher points, forcing us to take the yucky ones.
    I would have love a board like that. Yes wool, bacon and goat milk are bad, but try this with 26 participating

    9 fishing 9 help 9 train 10 banana pancake
    9 boat 9 mine 9 teacher 9 lady
    9 goat milk 9 truck 9 salesman 9 milk
    9 honey tea 9 boy 9 gift shop 9 grocery

    Way too many town tasks, two ridiculous corner production tasks, and both goat milk and cow milk (total of which 4 at any one point can be being done). We still are not close on a bingo due to the town tasks, and bunch of players that are bailing out doing things like 320 wheat tasks, and additional mining and help ones because they have ZERO patience. We may or may not get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnPan View Post
    As far as I know the only ‘limit’ on number of tasks is the normal one of 4 in each category. So you can only have 4 boats, 4 train, 4 production etc at any one time.
    We have a reasonably good board for a change. 2 lines already completed (all 320) and just waiting for someone to finish making quesadillas for our third.

    As a bit of fun we are going to hold back completing it just to see if we can get any more Bingo squares completed and a 4th line.

    No no extra prizes for that but it gives us something to do for the rest of the week.
    AnnPan, a 4th line?? I think the bingo is over when you get the 3rd line unless you are referring to finishing a 4th line simultaneously with the 3rd line with one single task. Is that what you mean?
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    A 4th line doesn't work. We once finished no. 3 and 4 simultaneously, and only one got counted and the other was discarded.

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