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Thread: -SnoozeFest- Th9+ Adult War Clan Recruiting!

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    -SnoozeFest- Th9+ Adult War Clan Recruiting!

    Hello All!

    SnoozeFest is a rebuilding clan with an experienced core of leaders (we range from TH9 to Max TH12)! Currently level 6 and rapidly growing in size, we are looking to welcome active, talkative and friendly TH9's and beyond to our ranks! Below are the requirements.


    -Speak English
    -Use both attacks if opted in war
    -Be Town Hall 9 or above (please don't be rushed)
    -Stay active and donate/request whenever
    - Be 18 or older (we cuss and joke around!)

    If you are seeking a smaller, relaxed, active clan then SnoozeFest is for you! We like to kick ♥♥♥ without being uptight. We appreciate clan mates that attempt to get better and stay up to date with attack strategies! We are not scared to ask questions, for it makes us better clashers!


    Applying is very simple. Just stop by SnoozeFest in game and say you are from the forums! BAM you are in!

    Look forward to clashing with you soon!!!

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    We now have a discord!

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