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Thread: [Recruiting] Nordic Fire - Tag:#29PGYRQRO

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    [Recruiting] Nordic Fire - Tag:#29PGYRQRO

    • Clan Level: 1 (New clan)
    • Clan Entry Requirements:

    • Any town hall
    • Fluent in English
    • Must use both war attacks - always
    • Not rushed - base and troops/heros
    • Being mature -

    • Wars: Members in war are always required to use both war attacks, win or lose. We run back to back wars, but members aren't required to be in every one. You are expected to use the fancy 'Opt in' or 'Opt out' button within Clash on your profile - Not using both war attacks could end in us kicking you.
    • Clan Games: We always try to aim as high as possible, and hopefully we can get max rewards every time.
    • Promotions: Promotions are earned through activity, donations and war performance – such as attacking on time, helping fill war CC's (if the troops will be max), and giving advice on attacks/designs etc. CO is earned by gaining my trust, doing a good job at the elder role and being an overall fun and active Clasher. Admittedly loyalty is a big factor in becoming a CO, which takes time.
    • Other: We can merge our clan, but only if your members come to us. We are mostly a Nordic/Norwegian clan but we accept fluent english speakers.

    Join our clan and mention you're from this forum so we know you aren't a random and that you've read this post -

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