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    Question What about this?

    Hi folks, i decide to push to champions league and need some help, right know i am at Master 2770 with trophies.

    What tactic should i use to train my troops fast and get at least 1 star?
    Any suggesten about base layout for th10? (i am not maxed out) please link me a a very good base layout for th10.

    Right now i am upgrading

    Archer Queen to lvl 14 (4h 18 minutes left)
    Dark elexir drill to lvl 6 (4h 54 minutes left)
    Inferno tower to max at my th10. (3 days 16h)
    2 xbow to max at my th10. (one of them is 3days 18h the other is 4days 21h)

    I am maxed out in gold and 3m left to maxed elexir. 114k dark elexir
    (i will upgrade my heros as fast as possible meanwhile i push to champions league)
    Barbarien king lvl 10 Queen soon 14

    Here is my current troop lvl.
    Barbarien lvl 5
    Archer lvl 5
    Giant lvl 5
    Goblin lvl 4
    Wall breaker lvl 5
    Ballon lvl 6 (maxed for my th)
    Wizard lvl 6
    Healer lvl 2
    Dragon lvl 1
    PEKKA lvl 1
    Baby dragon lvl 1
    Miner lvl 2
    Lightning spell lvl 5
    Healing spell lvl 5 (this is under upgrade to lvl 6 right now)
    Rage spell lvl 5 (maxed out)
    Jump spell lvl 1
    Frost spell lvl 1
    Clone spell lvl 1
    Posion spell lvl 1
    Earthquake spell lvl 1
    Haste spell lvl 1
    Minions lvl 6 (maxed for my th)
    Hog rider lvl 5
    Valkyria lvl 4
    Golem lvl 4
    Witch lvl 1
    Lavahound lvl 3 (maxed for my th)
    Bowler lvl 1

    What should i upgrade in order and what should i use for fast attack strategy to push to champions league?
    How should i attack?
    I currently use this troops setup:

    2 lavahound (lvl3)
    27 baloons (maxed for my th10)
    20 minions (maxed for my th10)
    Spells: 5 Range spell (maxed out) 1 haste (lvl 1)

    I know that i have a lots of work to do, but i want to push to champions to get 2k gems and to use them to get better.
    I already have the new skin for barbarien king and i will get 25 m gold 25 m elexir and 250k dark elexir after this season.

    Please help me out.
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    With maxed goblins you could probably have some success with Goblin Knife, but that's 3 more goblin levels and your supporting troops are pretty awful. You've kind of rail roaded yourself into the lava loon attack. My suggestion is use training potions.
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    Pushing to champs is quite easy with mass miner. Your miners and heal spell should suffice. also great for farming de. Of course you will need to get 3 barracks upgraded for a decent cook time. With the perks my miners are currently cooking 24 seconds per. Thats a full army in less than 20 minutes.

    Also I would suggest bringing 1-2 less rage with your lalo and switching out for some hastes and a poison.

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