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Thread: Senators Clan Family - War Focused [MERGING + RECRUITING]

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    Senators Clan Family - War Focused [MERGING + RECRUITING]

    Welcome to the infamous Senators Clan! We're level 13, always max clan games, and are in Master's SCCWL. We have an extensive discord which provides resources from base-building, to attack strategies, and auto uploads videos from the biggest names in ClashofClans. We're a group of english-speaking adults, looking to enjoy ourselves while taking the competitive aspect seriously.

    We put up some of the lowest effort clash content on Youtube! Check it out

    We also have a development clan called Congress Clan, so if you're th10 or lower, we have a home for you too! For the main clan, we're recruiting non-rushed 11's and 12's. We can make plenty of space if you're with a group, and would love to entertain any conversation about merging your clan into our family!

    Here's a copy/paste from the guidelines on our discord. If you're interested, join up and we can get to know each other better!


    • Be active and participate wherever you can! We measure activity through donations given and received. REQUEST OFTEN, but donate just as much.
    • Entry Requirements for Senators Clan are as follows: A Town Hall 11 should have max defenses/buildings for town hall 10 as well as 35/35 heroes. A Town Hall 12 should have max defenses/buildings for town hall 11 as well as 40/40/15 heroes.
    • BE KIND. We are fiercely competitive, but are equally kind and supportive of each other. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
    • Elder is awarded if you max out on clan games. Co-Leader is awarded based off of extreme activity and long-term trust.
    • Donations for RAIDING can be any level. Donations for WAR must be maxed. Anyone can donate for raiding.
    • Please use clean language.


    • If you are in war, you MUST use both attacks (no lazy attacks, ex. barbs/archers, must use CC troops, etc)
    • You cannot war if your heroes or spell factory are upgrading.
    • If your heroes are available, you are expected to opt in to war.
    • For Senators Clan th10's must attack with both attacks within the first 6-12 hours. Th11's attack in the next six, leaving our th12's with enough time to plan their attacks accordingly.
    • For Congress Clan th9's and below must attack with ONE attacks within the first 12 hours.
    • DON'T BE A HERO. Attack a base you are able to three star. It's okay to push yourself, but don't consistently overestimate your abilities.
    • Be respectful of others. If someone has a bad attack, give them your feedback but don't bash them for it.
    • CLAIM BASES IN-GAME. You always have first dibs on your mirror, but if your preferred attack strategy works better on another base, FLAG IT IN GAME, so that your teammates can prepare accordingly.
    • Listen to the leadership for different/new strategies.
    • COMMUNICATE. If you need to attack early, late, or within a specific time-frame due to your heroes or your personal schedule, we can work around it. Just let us know what you need so we can plan accordingly. Communication is the key to success.

    JOIN DISCORD with any questions you have! We look forward to getting to know you!
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