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Thread: Can any of you managed to pull off GiBarch In town hall 9+ ?

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    Question Can any of you managed to pull off GiBarch In town hall 9+ ?

    Im not asking for advice. Just wondered if this low tier strategy can work in high levels.

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    That's my goto-farming method as TH10.

    I usually go for inactive bases in Crystal, but if a tasty active base is waiting with heaps of loot, I'm throwing in what I have.
    Does take a portion of timing to not have all the barbs and archer toasted within the first few seconds, but it can work. Especially as TH10 with a ram at your service. Got some nice rewards outta that, especially DE.

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    I guess I'm wondering what you mean by "work". If you mean score lots of loot, yes. If you mean consistently 3* live bases then no.
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    If your aim is to 3* said bases, then no, GiBarch won't help there. Far too fragile. Sure someone most likely can post 3*-screens, but those should be extremely rare.
    Unless the design is really favoring you, or the def is rushed like crazy.

    Just wasn't sure, what you were aiming for with 'work'.

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