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    mine has nothing to do with clan mail.
    App suddenly force closed when im chatting in global chat or doing raids...never happened before..

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    updated, no more crashes, thank you all, a beer to to the devs,

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHurifyFinale23 View Post
    mine has nothing to do with clan mail.
    App suddenly force closed when im chatting in global chat or doing raids...never happened before..
    What device do you use to play the game? If running android, have you checked the play store for the optional update that was released within the last hour or two?

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    Clan mail was a easy way to test it. mine was closing at random - could be just sitting looking at my base etc. However using the mail also tiggered it and was repeatable. Issue seems to be fixed now after the new update of 11.446.24
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    After installing the latest update from the playstore, the app is still crashing every now and then. My phone model is Alcatel One Touch Plus: Android 4.4

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    No crashes so far on my 2 Samsung galaxy tablets. Was crashing all the time pre latest optional update. Haven’t tested with a clan mail as yet.

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    Our devices keep on crashing... as far as i can see it's the latest update? Chuwi tablet, Galaxy Tab S2

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    Also had this issue this afternoon. OPPO F1s. Was so frustrated to happen during a war attack. Contacted in game support got an INSTANT reply of download the optional update. So far so good. Hope it stays stable. Ty for the quick fix and fast customer support.

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    My Clash app has been constantly crashing the past 2 days.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 Android version 7.0

    I have been experiencing random crashes, some have been when I am just idling, and some have been during attacks.

    I had my app crash during an important war attack resulting in a 0 star for our team.

    I updated my app last night after several crashes in a span of an hour but it has not fixed the problem and still seeing the same rate.
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    Awesome response Supercell!

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