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Thread: Level 74 looking for a hood

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    Level 74 looking for a hood

    I just recovered my level 74 farm and I am looking for a NH. Please donít be a NH with a ton of rules and be talkative!

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    I've started my own hood today and am currently recruiting members. The rules I have in place are that you finish all 9 task at 305 points or higher during regular derby, and 350 or more during special derby. If you won't be able to finish all task, please opt out of derby. Once you complete all 9 task in first derby, you'll be promoted to elder.

    I've been playing for a few years now, and decided that I wanted to become a leader and start my own hood. I hope you'll consider joining as I think we'll make a great team.

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    Hi, join us Froggeroo II #p0ljpjc9. We do 9 tasks @ 310+.

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    If this is Lola land,, or Jessica. This is Sunshine. I am extending our apologies to you for how you were ignored. We are usually a respectful NH. Also it did not help my keyboard crashed. Please give us another try. You will really love our NH. FOREVER SUNSHINE 😊

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