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Thread: Looking to DEFINITELY join full FAMILY... (not just a team)

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    Looking to DEFINITELY join full FAMILY... (not just a team)

    My apologies for reposting, my end doesnt seem to be responding to edits to my OP. 🙄☺️

    I am hoping to find a new Derby family. I recently left a team who were great, but just didnt give me that warm feeling.... I LOVE PLAYING WITH PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LNOW ABOUT ME, and i wanna know about them! I prefer a team who relies on other chat methods than in-game chat. I am aiming to being more active in derby, but dont want to be expected to finish all tasks by day 3 (unless needed for special derby success, and at which time i would like that to be made clear) *COMMUNICATE*. I do stack for special derby, preload townies, I work once derby ends in preparation for next. I also look for team communication and guidance (what tasks do you want me to aim for?), but expect everyone to realize what time zone we are all in and bc Im a mom, from 7am - 9:30 am CST, i am busy with breakfast or getting kids to school so i cant stop to check in on game. I am looking for a team that likes to derby, but understands that life throws curveballs at you continuously.... a team that understands family exists (mom of twin 6 yr olds, so Im always distracted!) and can take you away from the game. I like to be active and FRIENDLY. I help out ALWAYS and do 10 tasks at max points. I almost always have diamonds and not afraid to use them, especially to quicken tasks for team advantage or to speed up boring board. I am based in USA, but love playing with international peeps.

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    We are currently accepting 55 and up. We have one opening, We are truly an AWESOME NH. We communicate well, loads of teamwork. And we trade a lot to help the lower levels grow. Most importantly RESPECT on another. 😊 Come check us out at Forever Sunshine

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    Just started a hood of my own. Please consider giving me a try.
    Hood tag # YOQYROUP

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    Hello! My neighborhood, Southern Classic, is accepting members level 30+ We are a derby focused team, active, in chat, friendly, and helpful. The required minimum of derby points each derby is 1500(will be changed soon), we also have a discord. If you want to join the neighborhood and have a discord, send me your ID on here. Hope to see you there!

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    Sounds like you would enjoy our hood.
    English speaking adult derby players, UK, USA/Canada, Europe and Asia (everywhere really).

    We do 10 tasks at max points each week, like to win and chat and get to know each other. Don’t have a lot of rules, just the usual, respect, be polite, join in, finish your tasks, Help when you can.

    We understand not everyone can chat and that there is life outside the game so if you have a busy week then please opt out, that’s fine.

    We have a Messenger group for chat outside the game and almost all are members.

    Send me a pm if you are interested and want to know more, otherwise look at the info below for our hood details.
    Clover Girls' 19 adult, male & female, English speaking players from around the world. 100+ cups in Champ League. Ten tasks @320/400 or opt out.
    Level 85 please.
    Look for white dog, pink heart (or the red bat if its Halloween #2GPVQCVC

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    Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our Derby active neighbourhood.

    We are a multi-national, English speaking neighbourhood and are looking for people who are Derby active and enthusiastic.

    We are placed within the top three every week and need people like you to help us maintain that position.

    We do not have too many rules as we are all well experienced Derby players. We just like people to respect and be polite with each other.

    Our Derby tasks are normally at 320 points, depending on the Derby and although it's not compulsory, if you are able to do the extra tasks that would be much appreciated as it can make a big difference.

    Anyone joining our neighbourhood will be promoted to Elder after completing one Derby with us.

    We are a friendly, chatty neighbourhood and we use Facebook messenger for all our Derby/neighbourhood discussions as well as socially interacting with each other to get to know everyone better. Lots of us have families with young children so we do appreciate the distractions that can happen.

    Should you find that you are unable to take part in the Derby for any reason we do understand and we do not object to anyone opting out. Only stipulation is that you make the leader or co-leaders aware of your intentions before hand.

    Trashing tasks is really not what we want and would advise that it is discussed before being trashed. Generally if there is a problem, by working together we can usually find a solution.

    Trading within the neighbourhood is allowed and we will help each other with LEMs, BEMs and SEMs.

    We try and use the birdhouse for neighbourhood requests at all times.

    Should our neighborhood sound appealing to you we would like to invite you to come and try us out. You do sound like the kind of person we are looking for. Someone who likes to get to know their Hay Day 'family'. We interact with each other as it's good to know the people you are playing with. People who come and join us don't ever want to leave. We gel together perfectly so we all enjoy playing alongside each other every day.

    Search for our tag


    We wok forward to hopefully seeing you soon 😻😻

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    Message me if u are above Level 70 n can do 320/400X10 tasks ☺️

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    Will pm you

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    Sounds like TACO TRIBE #29RJYCPP would be a good fit for you. I'm a busy mom myself of 2 young kids. Our neighborhood is a small, very friendly , championship league family. We love to have fun, of course win and and love to get to know one another. Multiple family members too.
    Hope to see you soon!

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    The Carebear’s want you! Love to win? Competitive? Then this is the hood for you!

    Hood name: Carebear
    Tag: #8LG22YC
    Pink background, red lady

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for adult, drama free, active derby and town players who love to win, have great communication, know how to have fun and can work well as a team. Loving the game of HayDay and having lots of fun is a must.

    Respect “R.E.S.P.E.C.T, find out what it means to me.” Sorry, couldn’t help it.
    Over the age of 18
    Communicates well in English

    Farm level 85 and higher

    We do not require that you also communicate through social media, however Facebook messenger is available.

    Our Derby Rules:
    10 tasks at 320 or otherwise “leader set value” is a must!
    communicate, communicate, communicate!
    We understand that life happens and we at times are unable to complete all 10 or time expires, but this should not be a habit, nor should the rest of the team be left to wonder what is going on. So communicate.
    opt out if too busy to dedicate the time to completing all tasks the upcoming week.
    keep up on the chat and read the board for leader announcements and weekly derby rules.
    You can communicate what tasks you are prepping for or ready to take, but we can not guarantee the task to you.
    Trashing is every 30 minuets, top to bottom, left to right. We do not pay diamonds to rush tasks.
    We help each other as well as help ourselves.

    Our goal:
    TO WIN!
    We are a former top 200 team and working to get back there.
    We love to win, win, win, not matter what!

    We are a group of hard working, chatty, fun and funny (looking), very active (and attractive) derby and town players who are competitive as all get out and love to help each other. We would love to have more like minded people to join us, so if we sound like the hood for you, stop on by and chat with us. If you find us to be full, please message me.

    P.s. (she says in a whisper) When you stop by, please do me a favor and shout “Yo Adrian!” upon arrival. Hee hee, it will make my day.

    🦋Huni Buni🦋

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