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Thread: New hood recruitment

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    Farmer Hay recruitment Hood tag # YOQYROUP

    Started new hood (Farmer Hay TAG number: YOQYROUP). I've been playing for a few years now and decided to make my own hood. I would love to have players join my hood. I do require all members to do all 9 task during regular derby. If you can't do all task, please opt out.

    Once you have completed all 9 tasks at 305 points or more, you will get promoted to elder.

    I want team players that will help each other out.

    Also, if you tag a boat or a townie for help, please specify if it's a derby help or non derby help, so we can prioritize help.

    10th task is not required, but always welcomed.

    If there's any questions, please feel free to ask.
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    I have lowered the required level to join to 15.

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    Still looking for new members

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    Farmer Hay tag #: YOQYROUP

    I started this hood about a week ago and got 3 complete bingo lines, and am in 1st place. I am needing more members to help with derbies. Englist speaking only. The rules are simple

    1. Complete all 9 task at 305 or higher for regular derby and 320 points or higher for special derby. Once all 9 task are completed you will be promoted to elder. 10th task is optional.

    2. If there is a week that you know you can't complete all 9 task at required points, please opt out of the derby.

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