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Thread: 2 active players looking for a new home

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    Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our Derby active neighbourhood.

    We are a multi-national, English speaking neighbourhood and are looking for people who are Derby active and enthusiastic.

    We are placed like to be in the top three every week and need people like you to help us maintain that position.

    We do not have too many rules as we are all well experienced Derby players. We just like people to respect and be polite with each other.

    Our Derby tasks are normally at 320 points, depending on the Derby and although it's not compulsory, if you are able to do the extra tasks that would be much appreciated as it can make a big difference.

    We do require the minimum number of tasks to be completed. Normal Derbys you must be able to compete all 9 tasks. In power Derbys we require 18 tasks to be completed. As stated the extra task is not compulsory but would be advantageous to the neighbourhood.

    Anyone joining our neighbourhood will be promoted to Elder after completing one Derby with us.

    We are a friendly, chatty neighbourhood and we use Facebook messenger for all our Derby/neighbourhood discussions as well as socially interacting with each other to get to know everyone better.

    Should you find that you are unable to take part in the Derby for any reason we do understand and we do not object to anyone opting out. Only stipulation is that you make the leader or co-leaders aware of your intentions before hand.

    Trashing tasks is really not what we want and would advise that it is discussed before being trashed. Generally if there is a problem, by working together we can usually find a solution.

    Trading within the neighbourhood is allowed and we will help each other with LEMs, BEMs and SEMs.

    We try and use the birdhouse for neighbourhood requests at all times.

    Should our neighborhood sound appealing to you we would like to invite you to come and try us out.

    Search for our tag


    We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon 😻😻

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    Looking for active talkative helpful English speaking members that love derbies!!!!!

    An experienced group of friendly folks looking for more people from the USA and from around the world to join. We are a Championship League neighborhood that is from a Championship league neighborhood that is starting over.

    We work tasks at 315 points and above, or 350 and above on special derbies. We do not demand that you do an extra task, they are your diamonds, however working extra tasks are very much appreciated.

    If you are busy or prefer not to participate in the Derby we ask that you 'opt out' before the Derby begins, it's only fair to the members of the neighborhood that are playing the Derby

    Please don't be afraid to ask for help or if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask in the neighborhood chat....after all that's what neighborhoods are for, a good sense of humor is a must..

    We are a drama free neighborhood, or at least strive to be. Also we love to chat, you don't have to be chatty just communicate with us so that we know you are still around and playing. Besides we are a very helpful group and if you don't chat then we won't be able to help you so just help out when you are on and join in the chat when you canÖ

    There is also a private Facebook page for members that are on Facebook. This is not required but highly suggested.

    Neighborhood emblem.... Blue Star with Orange Saw & Ax.
    You can't miss the neighborhood in the search, it's the only one titled Grands Country

    Tag #82QL2PRP



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    Hi we are a fun derby focas team, looking for team players, our name is new zealand tag#9cu2u0y, if the higher level people join we can lower the required level for the 3rd person, come join us

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    Long distace farmilies is a nice friendly helpful hood and would love to have you both. 😁

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    Hi. We at junkfoodies are looking for players who are active. Please drop by. See what you think.

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    THE MAJESTIC UNICORN is currently recruiting. We are looking for amazingly friendly, chatty active, respectful and polite players.

    😀Our motto is: when we all help one another we all succeed! 😀

    We we are a relaxed championship league group thatís truly universal. We have players from: Uk, Neatherlands, India, Bahrain, Pakistan, Australia, Korea, Mexico, USA and Canada.

    AND .... spoiler alert... we have a private Facebook group chat so you can request or offer help 24/7

    Minimum level to join is normally 20 but I will adjust it for you if needed.

    You must also speak fluent English.

    Minimum age is 20 (if you are younger but mature thatís no problem). We just donít want drama.

    For derby we prefer people to take tasks 300 points and up. However, for lower level farms only (farms below level 45),the task minimum is 275. We do this so that everyone can finish all 9 tasks. Also, please know you may opt out of derby too as we put life first here.


    ->be polite, be helpful and donít ghost (always say HI when on and BYE when leaving and CHAT in between).
    ->be helpful to others
    ->say please and thank you
    ->always be respectful of others
    -> plz sell default price (or less) within the group

    ** always help others as much as others help you**


    If our group sounds perfect for you... join us.

    Our emblem is a purple horse in a turquoise star.


    I am the group leader {Unicorn Magic (Debi)} Level 93

    You can pm me directly at Hay Day Debi 😀

    We look forward to meeting you.

    We love making new friends


    Quote Originally Posted by Leochopz View Post
    My friens and I are looking for a new home. Levels 145 and 97 and 62. We are active derby players and enjoy the give and take if helping other neighbors. If you might be interested in having us, we'd love to meet you!! Thanks.

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    Hi! We are Kitty Corner, logo red heart with cat inside.

    A group of cat lovers. Friendly, helpful and active derby players. Seeking active players that love the derby tasks. We donít have complicated rules, just ask you help others and participate in derby. We are here to have fun and not control you.

    Come join our fun ĎHood!

    Level 20 to join
    Champions League
    Language : English

    Tag #P8RQOLCO

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    Hey there!

    Come and try the Ginger Gang #2UL9JQRR, you won’t regret it. We are looking for new hoodies to come and join us in our long standing Champions League hood (45 gold and counting). Currently we are playing for horseshoes and are looking for active, daily players to help expand the hood. We are helpful and we don’t mind if you derby or not, just opt out. Come to a hood where you have a democratic say in how it’s run. Want can have it, or just socialise and play the game, no pressure. Pop by to the hood or DM for a chat on Line #Twinksy

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    Looking for active neighbours
    ENGLISH SPEAKING HOOD is looking for active derby players.This is a new neighbourhood started on 27/05/19.If you can fullfil the following conditions you are welcome to join
    -Rookie league
    -Must do all task( 300+)
    -level 10 and above
    -only english
    -paid task not compulsory(unless it is needed but not forced)
    -feel free,friendly.commucation is must
    -helpers and town player
    If interested join us and have fun.we are not just neighbours but family.

    Myself leader-madhu
    Neighborhood name-ENGLISH SPEAKING HOOD

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    We are looking for more members since we just started over.
    The name of the neighborhood is "The Motherland" (#PP2YOQGV)
    Level requirement: 30
    Language: English

    I know itís a long shot, but I would really love it if I could find some higher level players to join our neighborhood.

    I am level 59 and my sister is the other leader sheís level 66. I would love to have you all in our neighborhood

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