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    Who replied to my post??

    Hello. I'd like to know if there's an option to see if anyone has replied to my post in a thread
    E.g.: suppose a thread has 60 pages and i posted on 1st page and someone replied to my post on 45th page is there an option using which one can find that page directly without checking each page???
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    In full site:

    Then you can try to find your post in here:

    If someone has responded to your post it will have that post below your post within that menu, like how you can see jononzie has responded to JusMe in that example. Then you can click on your post within the menu to jump to it within the thread and it will also display all the responses to that particular post.

    I'm not sure if there's any easier and faster ways of checking if someone else has responded sadly. You can also try changing the number of posts displayed per thread up to 50 instead so you can navigate faster.

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    You can try subscribing to the thread and getting instant notifications via email. There is also a control panel option but I have not used that.

    Not sure how it compares with above, as I have not used the method above.
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    One way is to search for the post number, using the super advanced search facility

    If you right-click on the number of your post, you can "copy link address". Then copy that into the search box, removing all but the last number.

    So for instance, if you take this post of yours:

    What you need to put into the search box is 12149823.

    That will return one result -
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