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Thread: Considering leaving an amazing NH for more competition.. Worth it?

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    Considering leaving an amazing NH for more competition.. Worth it?

    I have been considering leaving my wonderful NH to join a hood with a more competitive nature. I am level 112 and have been with this NH for two years, and I LOVE them.. but itís very laid back, we are Championship league, but pretty consistently place in 3rd or 4th place. I am usually finished with my derby tasks by Wednesday, take a 10th every week and have no issue using diamonds to speed up a task if necessary (now this sounds like a recruiting post - but itís not!) I just feel like I would do well in a higher ranking NH that strategizes each week and consistently places 1st. BUT is it worth leaving a NH I love to venture out into the unknown? And if I do decide to change and absolutely hate it what if they donít let me back in because I abandoned them?! UGH. This is such a hard decision. Has anyone struggled with this?

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    Surely if you explain to your hood that you want to go to try out a competitive hood they will wish you well and offer you the option to come back.
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    Remember that even though Hay Day focuses a lot on cooperation, ultimately you play this game for your own enjoyment.

    Explain to your hood that that you need more challenges to keep the game interesting & would like to try a more competitive derby hood. Tell them that you love the current hood & if it would be alright to return if it turns out what you’re seeking isn’t what you expected.

    Make sure that all your hoodies are also on your friends list so you can still provide support from outside the hood & can find them faster if/when you want to return.

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    I faced this exact same dilemma a few years ago now following the introduction of the derby. I adored the NH I was with and we interacted on a daily basis although we were from several different countries. I loved the chatting, comparisons of how our lives worked, what we did for for a living, what kind of tea we drink in the UK compared with what people drink in the US...

    However, when the derby was introduced the NH wasn't competitive which is completely understandable as we all play for different reasons, so after a few conversations I left and set up an NH myself and 4 of my original hoodies joined me. We won numerous derbys after leaving and are still a happy little group.

    I must say though, that now the desire to win the derby each week has dwindled (we still play every week for the horse shoes) I do miss the camaraderie of the old group. Luckily I am still in contact with them via social media and I'm sure they would have me back if I asked.

    As others have suggested above, explain your reasons for leaving before you do and I'm sure your hoodies will wish you well. Good luck with the trophies.

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    You need to do what you need to do.
    It sounds as if you would thrive in a competitive environment so I say go for it.
    If you leave on good terms I am sure your current NH would welcome you back.
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    You have gotten very good advice here. I just went through this with my baby farm. I left after several years in a 2 person hood. It was an extremely hard decision but I felt like I needed to compete at a higher level. I am now in a highly competitive hood and am much happier. It may take you a few trials to find the right competitive hood. Some have lots of rules, some have few. Hood personalities and leadership styles vary. Check out a few until you find the right fit. Good luck, I think you know what you need to do.
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    Your current hood sounds much like mine. We arent competitive, but do all the tasks and place most weeks. I've no interest in gold cups at all. So occasionally a player has left to search for more competition and strategic teams. I've no problem with that at all and when they leave I send them an invite so they can come back easily. A good player is always welcome back.

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    Have you figured out what you’d like to do yet?
    I also let a NH I loved to join another NH that I found on here. The leader of the NH I joined after I left my original hood is an amazing person and there have been a few times where I’ve visited that persons NH and ventured back to my original. I explained my situation to all parties involved so that the door to either hood will remain open to me. When I came back to my original NH, I loved both NHs so much that after I created a baby farm and got to a certain level I was able to join either hood and thus be in both
    I hope all works out well for you.

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    Once u know what u like it may take a few tries to find the right hood/group for u! Or u may get lucky the first time! I have experienced the same as you and until i followed my heart i wasn't truely happy!
    Hope that helps and best of luck to you!

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