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    Skins of heroes

    Why not add the ability to buy skins at the end of the season and with the accumulation of 3200 drops of elixir for say 1500 crystals? It seems to me then the players will spend more time on seasonal trials. The remaining awards for the gold pass will remain the same and skins as well. I think many consider it offensive that skins can only be obtained for money, this opportunity will not allow the purchase of gold passes for crystals.

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    I think it's a smart play to gain financial gains from the game by Supercell in a manner that doesn't actually effect game play.

    Personally I hope the Gold Pass remains exactly as it currently is.

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    I'm with you on the idea that you shouldn't have to spend real money to get it. There should be alternative ways to access these such as spending gems etc. It would reward people have played for awhile and collected gems rather than reward those who can afford the most real cash.

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    Why do people complain about having to spend actual money for a "skin"?
    Other games have done this for years. I've bought a few skins for characters in Borderlands 2 and they were either 0.99 cents or $1.99, can't really remember which, but they still cost actual money.
    Do you complain about in/with other games? If no, then why complain about it here?
    I can see SC offering previously released skins in the future for a dollar or 2, but probably not for awhile (6 months to a year). SC would also keep new skins available only through the gold pass.
    A previous skin would need to be around for 3-6 months before being released for purchase.

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    Getting the skins by paying gems is ruled out.

    If you find that offensive, the game is probably not for you.
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