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    There are a total of 33 normal eggs and 4 golden eggs
    In the first picture:
    1 white egg at the top left cloud
    1 red egg on the hair of the valkyrie
    1 blue egg on the head of the wizard with fire
    1 red egg on the right side of the building, near the goblin's foot
    1 white egg on the weapon tip of the archer queen
    1 green egg on the chin of the goblin who is climbing
    1 red egg on the barbarian's skirt who is near the fire
    1 green egg in the middle of the picture far in the back between the barbarian and archer, it looks like a tree
    1 egg on the arm with the sword of the barbarian king
    1 egg on the chest of the barbarian king
    1 egg in the mouth of the hog from the building in right side
    1 egg on the nose of the hog rider in the building from right side
    1 grey egg on the building from the right side, above the gate, near the witch's head
    1 grey egg on the top of the right side bulding, above the hog and hog rider
    1 egg on the back of the skeleton in front of the barbarian king and the two barbarians
    1 egg on the tooth of the barbarian in the right side in front of the cannon
    1 egg on the tip of the spike near the ground on the building from left, near the archer
    1 egg on the mountain in the background
    1 egg on the back of the foot of the first goblin from left, above the axe of the valkyrie
    1 egg at the base of the building from left, in the grass, near the spikes
    1 egg under the miner's left arm
    1 egg at the base of the sword, where the barbarian king is holding the sword
    1 egg on the fingernail from the right hand of the barbarian who is in front of the cannon
    1 egg in the eye of the witch from right
    1 golden egg in the fire, above the goblin who is climbing, in front of the big rock
    Total of 24 eggs and 1 golden egg in the first picture.
    In the second picture:
    1 egg on the toungue of the dog on mike's head
    1 egg on the lower button of mike's pants
    1 egg on the cat's eye from greg's arms
    1 egg on the chin of the cat from greg's arms
    1 egg on greg's beard
    1 egg on greg's nose
    1 egg on the wall of the barn from the back near the hayday logo
    1 egg on the roof of the barn from the back near the hayday logo
    1 egg on the top of the strawberry cake
    1 egg on the base of the strawberry cake
    1 green egg between the horns of the cow
    1 egg on the foot of the cow near the udder
    1 egg under the nose of the horse
    1 green egg in the bush near the horse, under the bee
    1 egg in the right ear of the cat from the right side
    1 egg in the cloud from the top right corner
    1 green egg on the fence from the back, in the left side, under the train
    1 egg on the neck of the horse
    1 egg in the hair of the horse, near the cow
    1 golden egg on the left side of the carrot plots
    1 golden egg near the middle of the carrot plots
    1 golden egg on the top right side of the corn polts
    So a total of 19 eggs and 3 golden eggs in the second picture.

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    1) white on cloud
    2) blue on wizard head
    3) green behind miner
    4) gold on skeleton shoulder
    5) grey on barb king sword handle
    6) another grey on CC roof
    7) Another gery on CC above closed door
    8) Another gold in hog mouth
    9) Orange on hog rider nose
    10) Red on valk head
    11) Another red on gold storage (right bolt)
    12) white on queen xbow (middle bolt)
    13) "body color" on kings left arm (under sword)
    14) pink in witch eye

    1) Pink in puppy mouth
    2) gold (x2) on the carrots field
    3) green on farmer nouse
    4) yellow on farmer beard
    5) grey on cats mouth
    6) green in cats eye
    7) whatever this color is on pigs belly
    8) strawberry color on the cake pig is holding
    9) Orange on cow's feet
    10) "body color" in cats ear - the one that is on the ground
    11) green on the bush under bee
    12) white in horse nouse
    13) another white in rightmost cloud
    14) another green above cows head
    15) grey on barn roof
    16) orange on barn side wall
    17) another green in bushes under train
    18) blue on farmer helper pans
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahoe View Post
    Just so I'm clear, we need to do BOTH CoC and Hayday pics or can we select one or the other? (sorry if I missed that somewhere in the rules). Thanks!
    Yes....The entire picture. Both games. Both pictures. You have to find ALL the eggs in the whole picture.

    Quote Originally Posted by Momscar View Post
    Are the golden eggs gold like the BKs crown or gold like his hair? Asking for a friend. 
    Hmmmm.......I wonder.... *thinking hard face* (Nice try )

    Running list of entries posted:

    (and please remember that just because someone got here sooner, it does not mean that you have no chance. It all comes down to how many eggs people find)

    Night Crawler

    Hi guys! I’m blown away by the response to this contest!! I’m so happy you’re all liking it! A few reminders though....

    please do not make a post saying “27 eggs found". It does not count. I need a specific spot where you find each egg...


    your first actual post is the only one that counts.

    If you did just make a post saying "27 eggs found" or something like are still able to make an actual entry with where you found each egg.

    There are still around 5 days left to go! Plenty of time to study it well. Keep having fun!

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    Sorry guys....looks like one of the posts I made yesterday (where I answered some questions and added the new names of people who had posted entries) got moderated you guys didn’t see it. I’ve approved it now so you can see it. Hope it didn’t cause any confusion.

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    Hi Raindragon

    so here is my answer:

    Clash of Clans Picture
    I don't play this game so i really don't know the names of those characters (sorrrryy)

    1. In the cloud
    2. men on the rock with blue clothes: on his head
    3. gnomes chin
    4. on the screw of that money conatiner witch the gnome is climbing
    5. on the same money containers spike (near the ground)
    6. women with red hair and axe: on her hair
    7. green tiny egg between red haired and purple haired woman
    8. purple haired with crone: white one on her arrow
    9. green tiny egg on tree behind on the field
    10. huge green one behind that mole guy with candle on his head (lol)
    11. white egg on skeletons back bone
    12. huge kings arm muscle
    13. huge kings button
    14. huge kings sword (tiny brown one)
    15. blond warrior on the right one on his left hands nail (tricky one ;D)
    16. blond warrior on the left side (in the middle), tiny red egg on his shorts
    17. same warrior on the metal part of his belt
    18. pigs theet in window
    19. same castle dark grey one on stone on the rigth side
    20. and on top of castle
    21. Mens nose on the other windows
    22. witch with pink eyes, in her left eye
    23. Woman with wings on her dress
    24-27. in the 'yellow smog' the magician is making i found 4 eggs
    28. The skeleton in the ground left one, one brown egg in the mud

    2x Golden Eggs in Clash of Clans Picture, Nr. 15 (Nail) and Nr. 23 (On the Dress)

    Hay Day Picture:

    1. Dogs tongue
    2. Sky in the right on the cloud
    3. Between cows horns
    4. Barn: black one on roof
    5. Barn: red one on the side
    6. and 7. 2x in carrot field
    8. corn field
    9. guy behind blue egg on his jeans button
    10. Gregs nose
    11. Gregs Beard
    12. Gregs cats mouth
    13. pigs belly
    14. and 15. 2x on strawberry cake
    16. cows feet
    17. horses mouth
    18. kittens ear
    19. green one in bush behind horse
    20. in the bush near train and white gate

    1x Golden Egg in Hay Day Picture in the corn field

    So Total 48 Eggs including 3 Golden Eggs.

    I Respect those who can find more eggs lol, my eyes are hurting already

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    I may be missing something but I’ve tried on 2 different devices and one PC but can not see the image. Is there another place to get it?

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    Clash of Clans
    Wizard’s hoodie - Blue egg (Top left)
    Wizard's arm
    Clouds - White egg (Top Left)
    Valkyrie hair - Red egg
    Near goblin’s feet - Red egg (The one just climbing the gold storage)
    Barbarian king’s arm
    Can castle top - Grey egg
    Clan castle right side - Grey egg(near witch’s head)
    Hog rider’s nose
    Barbarian king’s sword (brown color)
    Barbarian’s finger (the one near witch)
    Skeleton’s arm
    Barbarian - Red egg (the one near archer and the miner)
    Goblin’s chin - The one climbing the gold storage (green egg)
    Blue egg near miner
    Barbarian’s shield grey egg
    Healer’s leg
    Fire explosion top, left of archer queen
    Green egg on the tree, behind archer
    Egg on a rock, near miner
    Barbarian’s teeth - white egg (The one near the witch)
    Goblin - green egg (The one near archer)

    Dog’s tongue (Sitting on Mike’s head)
    Greg’s nose
    Greg's beard

    Barn - red egg
    Barn right side - grey egg
    Cat’s mouth - white egg (On Greg’s hand)
    Mike’s clothes - blue egg
    Green egg near the white fence (left side)
    orange color egg near carrot - 1
    orange color egg near carrot - 2
    egg on corn crops
    Egg on pig’s belly
    Egg on strawberry cake- top
    Egg on strawberry cake - bottom
    Cow’s leg - orange egg
    Green egg on top of cow’s head
    White horse’s mouth
    Green egg near the bees and white horse(on the plant)
    Black cat’s ears - pink egg
    Bee - yellow egg*
    Cloud top left white egg
    White horse - white egg (Near cow's head)

    Golden Egg: Greg’s beard, Egg near corn
    Golden Egg: Fire explosion, near Barbarian’s sword

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    Hi, thanks for this Easter competition.

    I would have posted sooner but was just waiting for clarification of the questions I asked.

    I may have spotted 23 eggs in total. Not sure which may be classed as 'golden' but I'll make a list of the others & put the ones that could be the golden eggs separately at the end.

    1 - part of hedge at white fence near train (green)
    2 - bottom of calico cat's mouth, between teeth (white/grey)
    3 - button on Mike's trousers (blue)
    4 - puppy's tongue (pink)
    5 - side of Greg's nose (yellow/peach)
    6 - in Greg's beard at chin (orangey)
    7 - side of barn (reddish)
    8 - barn roof, tucked inside hay stem (grey)
    9 - as strawberry on top of cake (red)
    10 - as strawberry round bottom of cake (red)
    11 - on pig's belly (light pink)
    12 - above cow's hoof (orangey brown)
    13 - in bushes, between cow's horns (green)
    14 - horse's muzzle, below nostrils (white)
    15 - amongst yellow flowery bush (green)
    16 - in cloud on right of picture (white)

    Ones that could be eggs but I'm pretty sure they look egg-like normally so may not be!...
    17 - calico cat's iris (green)
    18 - calico cat's muzzle, where it's whiskers come from (white)
    19 - left side of tuxedo kitten's face (white)(but could be it's foot?!)
    20 - inside of pig's ear (brown)
    21 - cow's nostril (black)

    I see 2 x golden eggs, slightly different sizes, on the left side of the carrot patch, in amongst the carrots.

    I don't play Clash so I'm not sure of how things are meant to look normally or the characters’ names, but here goes… my guesses…

    1 - in big cloud at top (white)
    2 - guy's (on top of rock) hood (blue)
    3 - character with wing's arm (beige)
    4 - top of fireball, above turret (peachy beige)
    5 - on king's sword handle, above his hand (brown)
    6 - king's arm (orangey)
    7 - guy's (in fort window) nose (orangey)
    8 - pig's (in fort window) tooth (golden?)
    9 - on stone in fort, above empty windows (grey)
    10 - female character's eye (pink)
    11 - on pink-eyed female's glove (golden?)
    12 - king's strap button (golden?)
    13 - small tree in background (green)
    14 - front of queen's crossbow (white)
    15 - on wood of crossbow (brown)
    16 - rivet on structure where goblins are climbing (whitey/brown)
    17 - behind climbing goblin's foot (purple)
    18 - guy with sword in the foreground fingernail (golden?)
    19 - same guy's tooth (golden?)
    20 - skeleton in foreground's shoulder (creamy white)
    21 - guy with sword in background belt buckle (grey)
    22 - skeleton with bomb's foot (whitish)
    23 - in woman's orange hair (Reddy orange)
    24 - pink haired female character in front of fire, on her neck, above arm (pinky orange)
    25 - on side of one of the turrets of fort (darker grey)
    26 - climbing goblin's skin, just above trousers (green)
    27 - in grass behind digging guy's arm (green)
    28 - digging guy's nose (orangey)
    29 - in gap of pink dress (black/brown)
    30 - tip of bottom spike on structure, below climbing goblin (peachy orange)
    31 - on wooden structure, just above guy's blonde hair (tiny, brown)

    Potential golden eggs, as in list above...
    Pig's tooth
    On pink-eyed character's glove
    King's strap button
    Fingernail & tooth of blonde character in foreground
    And, as an addition to this list, egg shape in fire on left, below sword tip.


    (Phew, I'm seeing eggs now!!🥚&#128516

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    Total for both pics - 50 eggs

    Location of eggs found:

    Clash of Clans Pic - 25 found - total including gold eggs

    Center of top left cloud
    In the hood of the Wiz
    chin of the goblin on the right
    hair of the Walk
    at the base of the post between Valk and Archer
    in the crossbow of AQ (where the bolts are - the bottom one)
    Behind the miner’s right arm
    Back of the WB near front
    nose of the hog rider
    arm of the BK
    witch’s left eye
    on the wall to the right of witch
    on top of the rampart above the hog rider
    heel of the barb under the AQ
    in the healer’s right wing
    the right side goblin’s belly
    on the sword hilt of the BK
    on the pokey thing next to the Archer’s leg, near the valk
    on the rock under the miner’s elbow
    barb’s fingernail (right side of screen)

    Gold eggs:

    Clash of Clans (possible golden eggs) - 5

    In the cloud of smoke from the Wiz
    Tooth of the front barb
    tusk of the hog
    far left of screen - the bolt on the board being climbed on by the goblin
    the center of the BK’s chest plate

    HayDay pic - 25 found - total including gold eggs

    the puff of smoke over the train engine
    the dog tongue
    second button on Mike’s pants
    chin of the tabby cat
    in Greg’s beard
    on the side of the barn - red
    on the roof of barn - black
    on the pig’s belly
    on top of the strawberry cake center near the pig
    Center of the bottom row of strawberries on cake
    back cow teet - dark pink
    bottom of cow front leg
    inside B&W cat’s left ear
    Green egg in center of the creosote bush
    on the horse’s bottom mane tail
    on the horse’s chest
    on the horse’s mouth
    green bush between cow’s horns
    cloud on the far right of the screen
    Bush on the left side of screen where the fence is

    HayDay (possible golden eggs) - 5

    front row of carrot field - 2
    side of Greg’s nose
    in the bee’s wings - the one nearest the cat
    in the corn near Mike

    Thanks to Be A Legend for the signature!

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    I found 30 of them....

    Clash screen

    1 in the cloud top left
    1 on Queen xbow
    1 on loot cart just right of Valk axe
    1 in Valk hair
    1 on King chest
    1 is the Witch eye
    1 is the Hog rider nose
    1 above door of clan castle
    1 on the hog tooth
    1 on the top of clan castle above hog rider head
    1 on the kings sword just above his finger
    1 is on the goblin's chin looking up
    1 is on the wizard's cap at his right ear
    1 on barbarian belt above miner

    Hayday Screen
    1 is the dog's tongue
    1 on the red headed guy's beard
    1 on the cat's bottom lip
    1 on the strawberry cake
    1 on the blue pants
    1 in the carrot field
    1 on the cow leg near it's foot
    1 in the bush below the bee
    1 on the horses mouth
    1 between the cow horns
    1 on the barn beside the ladder
    1 on the barn on the roof next to the letter D
    1 on the cow udder
    1 in the cat's ear that's on the ground
    1 by the fence on the left side of the screen
    GOLDEN EGG.....1 on the red headed guy's nose

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