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    Clash of Clans: 19 eggs

    - in the wizard's hood
    - In the valkyrie hair
    - at the left of the gold storage
    - At the middle of the Queen's crossbow
    - in the cloud on top of the wizard
    - on the skeleton's back closest to the bottom
    - on the king's arm holding the sword
    - under the king's sword
    - the hog rider's nose
    - the hog's teeth
    - the witch's left eye
    - on the clan castle at the right of the picture
    - under the mouth of the goblin going up the gold mine
    - as a leaf under the gold storage next to the archer
    - as rubble under the miner's arm
    - On the barbarian's teeth who is closest the the bottom
    - on top of the clan castle
    - as a tree over the archer's bow
    - as the barbarian's finger nail of the hand not holding the sword

    Hay Day: 23 eggs

    - as the dog's tongue
    - on the red hair guy's nose
    - on the red hair guy's beard
    - at the corner of the carrot field closest to the left of the picture
    - next to the past one
    - as the bottom button of the guy with the mustache
    - on the smoke of the train
    - under the middle cat's lips
    - on the barn's roof closest to the D of Hay Day
    - on the barn's wall left to the stairs
    - as the middle strawberry in the bottom part of the pig's cake
    - on the pig's belly
    - on the cow's feet
    - on top of the cow's head as a bush
    - on the horse's neck
    - on the horse's mane
    - on the right cat's ear
    - on the bush next to the horse, over the cat, under the bee
    - on the horse's lips
    - on the cloud at the right of the picture, over the tree
    - on the trees/forest far away that are between the two trees in front of the horse's nose
    - on the field at the right of the upper-most bee
    - on the bushes next to the fence at the left of the picture

    Golden Eggs:

    Clash of Clans: in the middle of the image, in the yellow cloud in front of the king's belly and over the barbarian's swrod
    Hay day: under the pants of the guy with the mustache, closest to the carrot field.

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    Coc Picture
    1. White in clouds
    2. Blue on wizards hoodie
    3. Red on gold storage
    4. Red in Valks hair
    5. White on Queens xbow
    6. Brown on Kings Sword
    7. White on Skeletons Shoulders Blade
    8. Pink in Witches eye
    9. Brown on Hog riders nose
    10 & 11. 2 Grey on Castle
    12. Brown on barbs belt buckle
    13. Green on Goblins Chin
    14. Orange on Kings Muscle
    15. Green weed leaf by gold storage
    16. Green Behind the miner
    17. Green On Middle tree in back ground

    Gold Eggs
    1. Kings Chest armour
    2. Hogs Tooth
    3. At top of Wizards fire

    Hey Day Picture
    1. Pink on Dogs Tongue
    2. Blue Mans Pants button
    3. Green Farmers Nose
    4. Orange on Farmers beard
    5. White on Cats tongue
    6. Gray on Barn roof
    7. Orange on side of barn
    8 & 9. 2 Red on Cake
    10. Pink on Pigs Belly
    11. Green between cows antlers
    12.White on horses nose
    13. Green in flowers with bees
    14. Pink in cats ear
    15.Green by white Fence

    Gold Eggs
    1&2 - 2in the Carrot Patch
    3. On cows ankle.


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    In total i found 16 eggs
    2 of them were golden

    In the first picture
    1 white egg is hidden between the white clouds in the sky
    1 red egg is on the valkyrie's red hair
    1 red egg is near the foot of the goblin that climbs
    1 white egg is on the back of the one skeleton that is not on the ground
    1 egg is on the arm of the barbarian king
    1 egg is on the top of tower between the yellow cloud
    1 egg is not the hog's mouth
    1 egg is on the witch's hand

    1 golden egg is on the witch's shoulder

    In the second picture
    1 red egg is in the dog's mouth
    1 white egg is in the cat's mouth
    1 egg is besides the letter d (as in day)
    1 egg is in the bottom middle if the cake
    1 egg is in the middle of the cow's horns
    1 egg is in the bushes under the bottom bee

    1 golden egg is in the beard of the man

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    13 eggs in the clash pic

    red egg in valks hair
    red egg near gobs foot
    green egg below valks axe in plants
    blue egg in wiz hat
    white egg in aq’s bow
    yellow or gold egg on larry’s back
    light grey egg above hog’s head on castle
    dark grey egg on castle near witches head
    egg is hog rider’s nose
    egg on the hog’s tooth (could be gold)
    egg on the bk’s bicep
    white egg in clouds
    the witches eye looks like a pink egg

    but the real golden egg I think is the small one on the barb’s tooth near the larry in the front?????

    fun contest, thanks guys

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    Clash picture:
    white egg in cloud on top left
    blue egg on wizards head
    green egg on goblin’s chin that is climbing up underneath the wizards fire
    red egg in Valkyrie hair
    green egg behind miner
    red egg in the barbarian’s waist above the miner
    white egg on AQ crossbow
    whiteish looking egg on the right Larry
    I think an egg on barb king left arm bicep
    gray egg on top of right tower
    egg on hog rider nose
    egg on hog tusk
    egg in witch left eye

    Possible golden eggs:
    barb king strap on chest
    right most barbarian’s finger

    HAYDAY picture:
    Possible golden eggs:
    2 in carrot field on the left, one by them right under the left man’s belly, one on the cow’s leg, one on the barn, one in the red hair guys beard.

    In the hay day picture a lot of them looked gold/yellowish so I am unsure

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    1. Gold storage screw head left one
    2. Hair of valkyrie
    3. Bush behind miner
    4. Goblin sac in gold storage( left one)
    5. Ear of wizard from wizard tower
    6. Middle of the topmost cloud from Coc
    7. Mini X bow of archer queen in lower screwhead
    8. Abdomen of middle barbarian
    9. Left eye of witch
    10. Teeth of hog in clan castle
    11. 2 in clan castle one in middle of left side and another in the top in second last elevated wall
    12. In left shoulder(scapular) region of bottommost larry( witch skeleton)
    13. In lower right side of bottom most larry hidden in grass
    14. Handle of kings sword

    Hay day
    1. In the right most cloud
    2. In the snout of horse
    3. Eye of cow
    4. Green egg in the flower infront of horse
    5. In front right leg of cow
    6. Belly of pig
    7. 2 eggs in the cake held by pig one in middle bottom row and another in upper row just infront of nose
    8. Inside the mouth of cat
    9. In the nose and beard (2 in total) of th man holding the cat
    10. In the bush lying in betwoon two horns of cow in background
    11. Lip of dog above man head
    12. In the trouser of man holding dog in head in his crotch area
    13. Middle of bush infront of woodin railings on left side
    14. 2 in house of background( 1 in left wall and another in ground floor roof
    15. 2 golden eggs in pineapple field one in first of third row and another in second last row
    16. In left ear of brown cat in bottom left
    17. The milk gland of cow ( left back one)
    Golden eggs
    1. In gold storage screw
    2 and 3. In pinapple field (2 in same field)
    4. Soulder of witches skeleton larry and teeth of cc hog( both not white but not that goldn too but are yellow)

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    First picture:
    1. An egg in the cloud.
    2. An egg in the Clan Castle.
    3. An egg in the Hog rider's nose
    4. An egg in the hog's right tusk
    5. An egg in Valkyrie's hair
    6. An egg in Barb King's left hand
    7. An egg in Queen's Xbow
    8. An egg in right screw of the gold storage
    9. An egg in Wizard's hood
    10. An egg behind the miner
    11. An egg in the chin of the goblin who is about to steal in the gold storage.
    12. An egg in the left shoulder of the skeleton near the right-most barbarian.
    13. An egg on the Barb King's sword.
    14. An egg on the eye of the witch.
    15. An egg on the foot of the goblin who is stealing on the gold storage.
    16. An egg on the base of the gold storage
    second picture:
    1. An egg in the horse's mouth
    2. An egg in the patch of flowers where bees are buzzing around.
    3. Two eggs in the man holding a cat, one on the nose, and one on his beard.
    4. Two eggs in the strawberry cake, one on the top, and one at the bottom.
    5. an egg in the cow's front right leg
    6. An egg in the left ear of the black cat
    7. An egg between the horns of the cow.
    8. Two eggs on the barn, one on the red wall, and one on the gray roof.
    9. An egg on the pig's belly.
    10. Two eggs on the cat, who is holding by the man, near its mouth and in its one eye.
    11. An egg on the dog's mouth
    12. An egg on the man's clothes who has a dog on his head.
    13. An egg on the left part of the patch of carrots.
    14. An egg on the bush near the train.

    golden egg: second picture
    1. In the patch of the carrots.

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    awesome i love easter egg

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    Look left..No your other left.
    For the complete list , its found on Raindragons profile page.

    Happy hunting.

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    Behind the miner
    Valkerie's hair
    Wizard's hood
    From the clouds
    Archer queen's bow
    2 gray egg's at clan castle
    Skeleton's shoulder
    BK's bicep

    Green egg- in the plant with yellow flower
    On the horse mouth
    On the cows feet
    2 eggs on the cake
    1 on the man's nose and 1 on the man's beard
    On the dog's mouth
    On the man's jumper button
    2 Golden eggs-carrot crops
    On the barn's wall
    Between the cow's horns
    On the hayday's cloud
    Barn's roof
    Cat's chin

    Total: 25

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