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    Clash pic:

    -Valks hair
    -On gold storage by goblins foot
    -Skeletons shoulder
    -Barbarians fingernail (?)
    -On clan castle behind witches head
    -Hogs horn (?)
    -Top of clan castle by explosions cloud
    -In explosion, above the right to the last egg
    -Barbarian kings bicep
    -Above barbarian kings hand where he holds the sword
    -Front of archer queens bow (white egg on metal part)
    -Wizards hood
    -Bright white egg in cloud above wizard
    -Green egg in grass below valks' handle
    -Egg in wizards fire (?)
    -egg in top left mountains background, 3 steps from the bottom (green?)
    -white egg in top left cloud (?)
    -hog riders nose (?)
    -witches right eye
    -behind miner
    -background barbarian coming through wall on his belt (?)
    -bright green tree in background behind broken wall (?)
    -archer queens left eye (?)


    -Red mans nose, as well as on beard
    -Barn by bottom ladder, as well as on gray part
    -Between cows horns
    -White horses braids, bottom braid above cows nose
    -Below bee to the left in the flowers
    -black cats right ear
    -In cloud to right of horses mouth, above tree
    -Cows foot
    -Cows back utter (?)
    -Middle of bottom row of strawberries
    -Back left of top strawberries (?)
    -Pigs stomach
    -Dog on mans heads tongue
    -In the back bushes by white fence, below trains front end
    -Orange egg in carrots
    -Bottom button on mans blue pants
    -Horses mouth/nose
    -Mixed cats' mouth
    -Bottom of brown dogs foot (?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post

    Easter Contest

    How many eggs can you find?

    Hello everyone! I told you the next contest was coming soon. It seems that busy little bunny decided to hop around our games again this year....hiding his eggs for you to find! He hippity hoppped all over Hay Day, through barn and silo and across froggy ponds....and of course saying hello to his bunny cousins. But no time to sit and enjoy a carrot pie for this bunny...he was off to Clashland as well. He bounced his little heart out, past sleepy builders and fiery infernos. Poor bunny got a little turned around when he accidentally hopped across a tornado trap...but once his little head stopped swirling, he was back at hiding his eggs! So don’t let that tough little bunny’s work be for nothing. Make him the happiest Easter bunny ever and search for those hidden eggs!

    Please read this next section carefully...

    Here is how to play:

    There are eggs hidden in each game in the picture. Some are easy and some are frustratingly hard. Find as many as you can in the entire picture.

    I am not going to tell you how many there are. That is part of the challenge. But I will tell you that there is at least one golden egg that is worth finding.

    You only get ONE chance to answer. Your first answer is the only one that counts. So do not post it until you are very sure you have found as many as you can find.

    Once you are sure you have found as many as you can your answer here in this thread.

    Type a list of where you found each egg. Doesn't have to be a long explanation. Just a short description. Keep golden eggs list separate.

    This thread has moderated replies. Let me explain what that means... You will type out and send your post as usual...but after you submit your post, it will be completely invisible to you and to all other forum members. (That way you are not giving any answers away)

    Please make sure that you completely go over your posts before submitting to make sure that you have everything correct and how you want it..because there is no going back and changing anything.

    Moderators and staff can see all the posts and will be keeping track. I will post a list of everyone who has posted an entry and I will update it regularly...that way you can be sure I received your entry.

    If you have any them here in this thread. We will answer you here for all to see. (Please do not post random messages or reserve a spot as they will not be seen by the community anyway)

    The contest will run through the end of the day on Saturday, Aplril 27th. Midnight pacific time zone. (GMT -8) Winners will be announced as soon as possible.

    (Forum moderators and staff...and TheFeldy...are excluded from participating in the contest. GASP's are eligible to play)

    Here is how and what you win:

    The 10 people that find the highest number of eggs will win a t-shirt and some stickers.

    If more than 10 people find all of the eggs...then the first 10 that posted their answers will be the winners.

    In addition...the first 5 people that have correctly located the golden egg(s) will win either 2500 gems in Clash or 570 diamonds in Hay Day...your choice.

    We did this one before and I wanted to remind you that your first entry is the only one that counts. So many people submitted their entries and then found more eggs after the fact. There is a balance you have to make between trying to be one of the first ones and getting as many correct as you can. And some of these are hidden so well that you may not even think it could be an egg. So be sure before you post!

    Fan Contest Terms and Conditions

    Remember...these are not designed to be easy. Some eggs are really hard. Some are really REALLY hard. This one will take a lot of patience and REALLY good eyesight! I hope you all enjoy this contest and have an egg-citing time looking for them! (*groan*) Happy Easter everybody!

    I would very much like to give an enormous thank you to TheFeldy for creating this new picture! I have been without an artist for a long time now and he just jumped in without missing a beat and had this done in days! And it wouldn’t have been more than one day if he didn’t have me nagging and pestering him with changes. Thank you so much, sweetie! I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on future contests!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    The egg on the King’s chest looks pretty golden, but maybe more orange, so I think the one in the pig’s mouth is gold. The egg at the bottom of the cow’s leg looks gold to me.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here for how cc troops deploy ( it depends) and more here. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    Hope the format is at least decent.

    -1 white egg at the top left cloud.

    - 1 egg on the wiz hoodie.

    -1 egg on the valks hair.

    -1 egg behind the miner.

    -1 egg under the miner, disguised as a rock.

    -1 back of the skeleton.

    -1 egg in barbs month.

    -1 egg as a fingernail of barb.

    -1 egg on the cc, above the door of entry.

    -1 egg is pigs mouth.

    -1 egg as hogs nose.

    -1 egg as a shadow on top of cc.

    -1 egg on barb king's bicept.

    -1 egg on his red shoulder patch/holster/strap. Not sure of the American name for that.

    -1 white egg on queens xbow.

    -1 egg on the very bottom of gold storage's spiked edge.

    -1 Red egg on the side of the gold storage.

    -1 Egg in the eye of the skeleton next to witch. The barbs king covers his eye perfectly to make an egg shape.

    -1 Egg next to the skeleton with his back turned. To the right of him.

    -skeleton holding the bomb has a fuse that is an egg.

    -Barb kings sword has a egg, near his hand.

    -Egg in the smoke/explosion on top of the cc.

    -Witch's eye has an egg.

    -looks like there are 5 eggs on the barbs belt.

    -barbs white part of eye is shaped like an egg

    -1 egg in the left eye (my left) of the wall breaker.

    --- gold eggs
    -The skeleton back has an egg that looks gold.

    -Golden egg is in barbs mouth.

    32 eggs in total in the clash picture (including 2 the golden eggs)

    Hay day pic:

    - Egg on the nose of the farmer.

    -Egg in the beard.

    -Egg has the tongue of dog. Green egg as the green eye of the cat. 2 eggs n the carrot field. Looks like a goldish colour.

    -green egg in the plants next to the right side fence.

    1 blue egg in the unicorn's eye.

    -1 brownish egg in the right side of the corn fields.

    -1 white egg on the bottom of the face of the cat.

    -farmer in overalls has a egg for a button.

    -1 egg on the roof of the farm inside of the hayday logo.

    -golden egg at the bottom side of the farm.

    -pig's stomach has a egg on it.

    -One of the cow's legs has a egg above the hoof.

    -many eggs on the unicorn(?). 1 below the nose. Many white eggs on the unicorn's body. Looks like 2 near the belly. I counted 5 on its neck. Its nose also has 1 black egg. 9 in total on the unicorn. Very smart blending.

    -13 eggs on the cake. Maybe its 13. 2 of the eggs are closer to strawberry shaped. For whatever reason the egg in the center of the bottom of the cake is highlighted. Makes me think that may be the only egg (the highlighted?). Although the ones on the bottom all look like eggs. With 4 egg lookalikes on top. Id say final answer is 13.

    - 1 egg in the right side of the picture's cloud

    -1 egg sticking out at the very left side of the pictures cloud.

    -1 egg between the trees on the left side.

    -Pigs eyes has 4 eggs. 2 black ones. 2 white ones inside of it.

    -looks like there is an egg in front of the pigs left tooth.

    -cat on the ground has an egg in its ear! Ouch!

    -bush near the bees has a green egg in it.

    -egg inside one of the bees wings.

    -egg has a bush in between the cow's anters.

    -green egg in between the legs of the farmer that holds the cute kitty.

    -cat on the ground has a white egg on the back right paw (my right). Very good blending again.

    -the cat laying on the ground has 2 eggs holding up its whiskers!

    Found zero golden eggs.

    51 eggs in total in the hayday pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneakymaori View Post
    For the complete list , its found on Raindragons profile page.

    Happy hunting.

    Hahaha! SNEAKYMAORI!! *shakes fist*

    Running list of entries posted:

    (and please remember that just because someone got here sooner, it does not mean that you have no chance. It all comes down to how many eggs people find)

    Night Crawler

    I love all the responses so far! Thanx for joining in! Keep 'em coming!
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    I found 42 I think:

    -top left clouds
    -wizard ear
    -goblin chin
    -gold storage button
    -valk hair
    -gold storege lower plant
    -gold storage spike
    -behind miner
    -AQ x-bow
    -tree in background
    -wallbreaker eye in middle
    -BK sword handle
    -broken arrow
    -BK muscle
    -BK chest strap
    -back on lower skelly
    -barb tooth
    -barb fingernail
    -hog mouth gold
    -hog rider nose
    -tower top pillar
    -tower above door

    -dog toungue
    -in front of fence
    -two in pinapple field
    -corn field right top
    -farmer button
    -cat eye
    -cat mouth
    -man chin
    -man nose
    -two on barn
    -pig eye
    -two on cake
    -pig belly
    -cow ankle
    -between cow horns
    -horse nose
    -middle of flower bush

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    Easter Egg List -
    Pic No 1 -
    1. left side on cloud,
    2. On wizard's head,
    3. On Clan Castle (CC) 2nd Screw,
    4. Valkyrie's head,
    5. Bottom of Clan Castle,
    6. Miner's Back,
    7. Archer Queen's X bow,
    8. Behind Broken Wall (Green Egg)
    9. Skeliten's Solder,
    10. On 2nd cc (Right side, Contains Hog).
    11. Hog Rider's Teeth,
    12. Top of the cc (Right side, Contains Hog).
    13. King's Arm (Orange Egg),
    14. King's Sword,
    15. Barbarian's Nail,

    On Hay Day Pic -
    1.On Hay Day's Logo (Near "D")
    2.On Hay Day's Logo (Behind the logo, in the bottom of House)
    3.2 Egg found On Farmer's (Middle one) Face and 1 egg on his cat's Mouth
    4.1 Egg on Dog's Tongue,
    5. 2 Eggs on Farming Field (Left side on screen)
    6. 1 egg on Field Near the train
    7.On Right side in Cloud
    8.On White Horse's Mouth
    9. On Cow's head (Middle of Horns)
    10. 2 Eggs on Cake (Cherry Egg)
    11. 1 Egg On cow's Leg.
    12. Cat's Right Ear,
    13. On bush (Top of the cat, Green Egg, Right side of Screen)

    That's all i found 31 Egg.
    Golden Egg Might Be found on hog's teeth (as seeing the color gold)
    Golden Egg Might Be found on Farmer's Face.

    I am a new member of this forum. if i did anything wrong, just tell me.
    thank you for organizing this contest

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    The Gold egg, is inside the Barbs mouth on his tooth. The barb, that is nearest to us and the largest barb. ( on the right side of the picture )

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    Wow. I'm amazed. HAHAHA

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    Found a total of 18 eggs :
    1. On the wizard's ear
    2. On the queen's bow
    3.on the clan castle above the hog
    4.on the clan castle behind the witch
    5.behind the miner in green
    6.on grass below the gold storage
    7.on gold storage - the red coloured one. the clouds to the right of wizard and left of healer
    9.the green coloured tree behind the far most barbarian the golden dust which is beside the archer tower
    11. On the skeletons hand
    12.on the king's arm / shoulder
    13.on the valkyire's hair
    14.the goblin's chin
    15.the hog's nose
    16.the witch's eye
    17.on the right hand barbarian's teeth
    18.on the healers hair

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    Clash of Clans picture
    1) Middle of clouds on top
    2) Wizard's right ear
    3) Healer's left wing
    4) Valkyrie's hair
    5) Corner of gold storage where goblin is climbing
    6) Plants at the bottom of gold storage
    7) 1 big one behind the miner
    8) Miner's nose
    9) Archer Queen's bow tip
    10) Leftmost barbarian's pants
    11) Tree in the background between the archer and barbarian
    12) Barbarian King's Biceps
    13) Barbarian King's Sword handle to the left of his hand
    14) Top of the right stone structure
    15) Side of the right stone structure
    16) Hog Rider's Nose
    17) Hog's tooth
    18) Witch's left eye
    19) Skeleton's left shoulder blade

    Golden eggs
    1) Barbarian King's red strap
    2) Right most barbarian's tooth
    3) Right most barbarian's middle fingernail


    Hay Day picture
    1) In the grass in front of the left sided white fence in the background
    2) Dog's tongue
    3) Man with blue pant's right foot
    4) White/brown/black cat's right eye
    5) Maroon shirt guy's right nostril
    6) Maroon shirt guy's right beard
    7) Wall of the background barn
    8) Roof of the background barn
    9) Strawberry cake on top
    10) Strawberry cake bottom
    11) Pig's stomach
    12) Cow's foot
    13) Between the cow's horns
    14) Horse's upper lip
    15) Inside the green plants with yellow flowers
    16) Grey cat's left ear

    Golden eggs
    1) Left side of carrot field
    2) Middle-left of carrot field


    Hope I didn't miss any... there were quite a few "eggs" that I didn't list as I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be eggs like the top right corner of the orange-y clouds, barbarian king's cheek, skeleton's right elbow and in hay day the horse's right eye etc

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