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    Hi, here you have my list. Regards!

    1 cloud over the wizard
    2 head of the wizard
    3 leg of the left gobblin
    4 head of the valkyrie
    5 grass in front the gold storage
    6 gold storage front
    7 chin of right gobblin
    8 front of queen’s crossbow
    9 back of miner
    10 belt of left barbarian
    11 distant tree
    12 arm of barbarian King
    13 sword of barbarian King
    14 back of skeleton
    15 nose of hog rider
    16 mouth of pig
    17 top of the castle
    18 right wall of castle

    19 bush below the distant train
    20 carrot field #1
    21 carrot field #2
    22 dog tongue
    23 cat mouth
    24 farmer beard
    25 farmern nose
    26 pig stomach
    27 pig cake #1
    28 pig cake #2
    29 distant stable
    30 cow leg
    31 cow head
    32 horse hair
    33 horse mouth
    34 bush over cat
    35 cat ear
    36 right cloud

    Golden eggs
    1 finger of right barbarian
    2 corn field

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    Nice game

    Here is my list:

    Top picture:
    1. white, in the clouds above the wizard
    2. blue, hat of wizard
    3. brown sword of barb king
    4. grey, top of tower
    5. rose, nose of hog rider
    6. black. in the ear of the hog
    7. grey, wall of tower
    8. pink, eye of the witch
    9. orange, fingernail of the barb
    10. shoulder of skelly
    11. black, eye of skelly
    12. orange, arm of barb king
    13. green, top of tree in the backgroung
    14. red, pants of barb
    15. brown, between the lebs of the barb
    16. rose, foot of the barb
    17. green, behind the miner
    18. green, small, below the gold storage
    19. brown, the entire bag of the climbing goblin
    20. green, chin of the climbing goblin
    21. red, nail on gold storage
    22. red, hair of the valkyre
    23. white, bow of archer queen

    Bottom picture:
    24. green, grass to the left
    25. blue, pants of left farmer
    26. and 27. black, eyes of the dog
    28. brown, of the head of the dog
    29. pink, tongue of the dog
    30. green, eye of the left cat
    31. white, beard of left cat
    32. grey, chin of the let cat
    33. the back half of the left cat, half hidden by the arm of the farmer
    34. orange, beard of right farmer
    35. green, nose of right farmer
    36. orange, wall of barn
    37. grey, roof of barn
    38. and 39. black, pupils of pig
    40.-48. red, on the cake, lower side
    49. red, right strawberry on top of cake
    50. rose, belly of pig
    51. green, between horns of cow
    52. black, right pupil of horse
    53. and 54. black, pupils of cow
    55. orange, foot of cow
    56. green, between flower to the right
    57. rose, eye of the cat on the floor
    58. white, beard of cat on the floor
    59. black, nose of cow
    60. white, clouds on the right side
    61. white, the left eye of the cow
    62. green, between wings of the right side bee
    63. green, another one between the flowers

    Golden eggs:
    1. tooth of hogin the tower
    2. between the teeth of the barb
    3. chest of the barb king
    4. between legs of the jumping archer
    5. in the wizard‘s fire
    6. between carrots
    7. between carrots
    8. right side of the carrots‘ area

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    Clash picture
    1. White egg large cloud at the top.
    2. Orange egg Kings sword arm bicep
    3. Green egg on goblins belly by suspenders
    4. Red egg in Valk hair
    5. Blue egg wizards hood
    6. Green egg behinds miners elbow
    7. Orange egg on Bavarian belt near buckle
    8. White egg on skeletons shoulder
    9. Yellow egg on barbs fingernail
    10. Small grey egg in stone near witches head.
    11. Egg on pigs tusk
    12. Egg on high riders nose.
    13. grey egg top of clan castle
    14. Brown egg on kings sword hilt
    15. Orange egg in fore anove.the castle
    16. Green egg goblins chin
    17. Red egg near valKS axe on the bolt
    18. White egg on Queens cross bow
    19. Black egg in wall breakers eye
    20. White egg on bomb fuse
    21. Brown egg barbs knee right side
    22. Green egg in grass near valKS stomach
    23. Goblin bag is and egg on the left
    24. Grey egg underinert elbow in the rock
    Golden egg
    1. In the wizards fire at the top, small egg.

    Hayday picture
    1. Pink egg dogs tongue
    2.strawberry on top of cake
    3. Strawberry in the middle of the bottom ring of the cake
    4. Green egg cats eye
    5. White egg cats chin
    6. Orange egg in farmers beard
    7. Farmers nose
    8. Grey egg roof of the barn
    9. Orange on the side of the barn
    10. Horses snout
    11. Last lock of horses Haro
    12. I'm between the cows horns
    13. In bushes near the bees
    14. In the ear of the grey cat on the ground
    15. Egg above cows hoof
    16. Egg on the pigs belly
    17. Farmers button blue egg
    18. Green egg near white fence
    19. Yellow orange egg foot in the field
    20. White egg in the cloud right side
    21. Cows udder

    Golden eggs.
    1 small golden egg in carrots
    2 larger golden egg I'm carrots.

    Thanks for doing this it was a lot of fun!

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    Just so I'm clear, we need to do BOTH CoC and Hayday pics or can we select one or the other? (sorry if I missed that somewhere in the rules). Thanks!
    Thank you TerMinus for the Halloween Party Sig!

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    Clash of Clans:
    white egg on clouds
    red egg on hair of valkerie
    green egg on the back of miner
    on the top of tower
    on the right side of the witch
    on the left arms muscle of barbarian king

    golden egg on the mouth of hogs
    golden egg on the smoke beside of archer queen

    Hay Day:
    green egg in the bush beside of white fence
    on the tongue of the cat
    on the nose of the man
    on the roof beside of hayday
    on the stomach of pig
    green egg on the top of the head of cow
    white egg on the mouth of horse
    green egg on the flowers
    eggs on the cake

    golden egg on the feet of the cow
    golden egg on the chin of the man
    2 golden eggs on the carrots
    golden egg on the corns

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    22 eggs in this picture

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    Thank you for the comp, though my eyes are now seeing eggs where I look.
    It would probably be easier to say where I didn’t find an egg, which worries me ��
    my total of is 27 eggs of the normal kind
    found a few in and on the castle and storage
    the clouds, well can see anything in them, but found an egg.
    The witch has Easter eggs in her eyes when she should be worried about the holes in her skirt
    the barbs and their king have hidden a few as have the archers and AQ
    the Skelton has one on his back and there are a couple in the grass, I didn’t count the eggish shaped rocks as they just didn’t look right. That Wiz was carrying one, but not a clear shaped egg in his fire.
    The goblins as expected had eggs they had plundered. Whilst the Valk used one to adorn her hair.

    Plus a Golden Eggs total of 4
    The wiz fire has a nice one as do the teeth of the hog and barb, the healer has one on her ankle. I discounted some others in the fire and the gold storage as not a clear egg shape, though close. And yellow or gold, so didn’t include the shape on the Bk arm.

    I will I’ll have no doubt missed a few, but was fun looking. Thank you

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    clash of clans eggs

    ● gold storage circle on strip
    ● valkrie hair
    ● goblin on gold storage (on thigh )
    ● grass plant (down to gold storgae) (near lil archer)
    ● on wizard
    ● 2nd goblin (jumping) on face
    ● behind miner
    ● archer queen x-bow
    ● small tree ( down right to archer queen )
    ● barbarian shorts ( below archer queen )
    ● front skeleton back shoulder bone
    ● barbarian on right side on finger nails
    ● clan castle rock ( extreme right )
    ● pig teeth
    ● hog rider nose
    ● barbarian king chest belt
    ● clouds ( between wiz tower and healer )
    ● eyes of whitch
    ● barbarian king bicep ( hand holding sword)
    ● spike of gold storage
    ● clan castle terrace ( above pig )
    ● barbarian king sword fuller/t bar bottom

    hay day eggs

    ● cloud ( top right )
    ● cat ear ( right side cat )
    ● in flowers ( below honeybee right side )
    ● horse mouth
    ● cow foot
    ● grass ( above cow head )
    ● strawberry on cake
    ● back farm house (near letter D )
    ● cat chin ( in man arms )
    ● nose of man ( holding cat )
    ● beard of man ( holding cat )
    ● button of man blue pant
    ● dog tongue
    ● in grass ( lil down from train engine )
    ● 2 gold eggs in carrot farm
    ● farm house ( orange colour )( near ladder)
    ● pig tummy
    ● cat eye ( in arms of man )

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    Are the golden eggs gold like the BKs crown or gold like his hair? Asking for a friend. 😂
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    Be kind. 🤗

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    i found 22 in hay day and 21 in clash

    here is the list:

    Hay Day:

    2 Golden eggs in Carrot Field
    1 Golden in corn field (have some brown things covering on it, not sure if it is or not)
    1 Green egg near white fence
    1 Pink egg in tongue of Dog sitting upon man
    1 Blue egg in buckle of the pant of man with dog upon him
    1 Big white egg on right side corner cloud
    1 Brown egg on the roof of farm house
    1 Orange egg on the side wall of farm house
    1 Green Highlighted egg on the nose of the front character
    1 Egg in the beard of front character
    1 Green color eyed egg in cat
    1 Egg upon mouth of cat
    2 eggs in strawberry shape in cake
    1 Egg in stomach of pig
    1 Green egg between cows horn
    1 egg in cow's leg
    1 egg in cat's ear
    1 Green egg in bush near bee's
    1 egg in pony of horse
    1 egg in mouth of horse


    1 White egg in cloud
    1 Pink egg in witch eye
    1 Hog rider nose egg
    1 hog tooth egg
    2 egg in cc rock
    1 egg in BK sword
    1 egg in orange highlighted in BK Arm
    1 egg in barbarian nail
    1 egg in larry back
    1 egg in valk hair
    1 red egg in gold storage
    1 blue egg in wiz dress
    1 egg in crossbow of AQ
    1 egg in barbarian teeth
    1 golden egg in healder dress
    1 golden egg in smoke near cc
    1 green egg in goblin foot
    1 green egg in goblin chin
    1 egg in spike or gold storage
    1 green egg near gold storage in plant (not sure thou)

    Golden Eggs:

    1 golden egg in healder dress
    1 golden egg in smoke near cc
    2 Golden eggs in Carrot Field
    1 Golden in corn field (have some brown things covering on it, not sure if it is or not)

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