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    after the day end (27th) ... when the results will be declared ? 🙂 its my 1st contest ever

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    Suppose two players who got all eggs right and you have to choose one of them....which will be given priority if following case arise :
    1) Guy who got all eggs but made 15 guesses and posted first
    2)Guy who got all eggs but made 1-2 guesses and posted second
    Just curious :V I could be the second guy.

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    hay day

    2 golden eggs

    9 not golden eggs

    I see two golden eggs on the left side of the picture behind the crops/grass. They are basically mixed with the other vegetables. I see a large and a small one. The small one is on the right corner of the “crops” and the bigger golden egg is next to it on the right, again within the other crops/vegetables (the ones that are on the soil, don’t know how else to explain it hehe)

    I see a reg egg on the house at he back of the photo, literally like a graffiti on the red wall

    one black egg on the roof (left from the letter D of HAY DAY)

    I see a green egg on the bottom right from the white horse, below the left bee

    I see a pink egg on the pig’s stomach but maybe that’s the stomach

    I see an orange egg on the beard of the man with the red shirt but again maybe this is the actual animation of the beard (I don’t play hay day so I’m not familiar with such details of the animation)

    I see a white egg on the horses upper lip, below its nostrils

    I see a white egg on the right upper corner inside the cloud (large cloud, large egg)

    I see a small green egg within the “horns” of the cow
    I see another green egg infront of the white fence (left of the man with the dog on his hat)

    Clash of clans

    13 eggs

    I see a small red egg on the left corner valks hair

    i see a blue egg on the hood of the wizard who attacks from the rock (the egg is on the left side of the wizard’s hood)

    I see a white egg in the clouds, specifically upper of the attacking wizard on the rock and slightly left

    I see a tiny green egg next to the valk. The egg is in the grass, basically between the archer (right side) and the talk (left side)

    I see a green egg (half egg) behind the miner

    I see a small white egg at the front of the the archer queen’s bow. The egg is literally on the weapon’s “nose”

    I see a small brown egg under the left arm of the miner (under his left elbow)

    I see an orange egg on the barbarian kings strap (left of his arm, looks like a strap/button)

    I see a white egg on the skeleton at the bottom of the photo, the skeleton who left of the barbarian, the egg Is on the left side of its spine

    I see a small white egg in the mouth the hog riders pig (the pig who is inside the clan castle)

    I see a small grey egg on the clan castle, upper deck (top of the hog rider and pig who are inside the clan castle)

    I see another grey egg in the clan castle but this one is right from the witch (in the middle of the two windows of the clan castle)

    I see an orange egg “painted” in the arm of the barbarian king (the arm that has the sword)

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    1 - Sky
    1 - Wizard
    1 - Archer Queen Bow
    1 - Barbarian King Chest Plate, golden egg
    1 - Barbarian King arm left arm bizeps
    1 - Valk hair
    1 - skeletton right one back
    1 - stonetower above pig (half meter)
    1 - behind witch back on stone tower again
    1- gras beyond archer left side of image (little green egg)
    1 - barbarian king sword near hand
    1 - treasure goblin

    king regards,

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    so, let's try ^^ sorry if i'm not precise enough sometimes english isn't my native language but i'll do my best

    so, i've found 10 golden and 29

    on the coc image :

    -Valk's hair
    - on the right "nail" on the gold storage
    - on the barbarian's belt (the left one)
    - on the tower behind the witch, 1 above the door in the stone (grey)
    - on top of the tower, above the hog rider (it's grey)
    -hog rider's nose, in the tower
    - barb king'sbiceps
    - barb king on the guard of the sword
    - wizard's hat (blue)
    - queen's bow (middle)
    - witch's eye ? not sure about that one
    -behind the miner's elbow (green)
    - on the goblin's chin (the one climbing)
    - in the cloud above the wizard (white)

    On the hay day image now :

    - in the dog's mouth
    - the button on the left's guy pant
    - middle cat's eye
    -middle cat's chin
    - middle guy's nostril
    - 1 red on the barn
    - 1 grey on the barn's roof
    - pig belly
    - in the bush bellow the left bee
    - horse upper lip
    - right cat's ear
    - in the cloud on the right (big white)
    - between the cow's horns
    - in the horse's hair (above the cow nostril)
    - in front of the fence (in front of the train, on the left in the bush)

    i'd add that the strawberries on the cake looks a bit like an egg but i'm not sure (haven't counted thoses in the 29)

    And now the golden ones

    For coc:

    - skeleton's left shoulder ( the closest to us)
    -barbarian's middle finger's nail +teeth (the one on the right)
    - hog's teeth (in the tower's window)
    - the button on the king's chest belt
    - looks like there is one in the smoke on the right (above tower)
    - also looks like there is one in the smoke (above the goblin's bag)

    For hay day

    - 2 golden in the carot field ( more on the left part)
    - in the beard of the guy in the middle ( chin level)
    - cow right front leg

    ty for the hunt, it was really fun ^^
    btw i know that egg are stored on the barn in hay day, so i'm sure there might be a few hundred laying around inside the one on the pic, do they count?

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    Lol, thanks Rain.

    I forgot the threads allow for so much more than a PM, where if I have a lot to write I sometimes write it there first. So here we go. Autosave don’t glitch now, lol.



    - 1 egg (on right of smaller cloud on the left of the pic)
    - 3 eggs in the cloud behind puppy on Ernest’s head (2 left, one right)
    - 4 eggs in cloud above/right of HD logo
    - 4 eggs (incl giant one) far right cloud


    - 1 small white egg between HD logo and trees

    In background trees

    - 1 small yellow-green egg in trees to left (before train)
    - 1 greenish, above caboose
    - 1 in light green treetop to immediate left of Ernest’s nose
    - 1 light green below D of HD logo
    - 1 dark green below A of HD logo
    - 1 light green in bushes to right of HD logo (left of cow’s horn)
    - 3 small blue/white “spaces” in “leafy” trees to left of horse
    - 3 in highlights of “bushy” looking trees to left of horse
    - 1 sm blue/white egg in bushy trees between the closer deciduous and pine tree to right of horse
    - 1 in the branches of that pine tree above^^^

    By train & white section of fence on the left

    - 2 in train smoke—one dark gray right on top of stack, 1 white above coal car
    - 2 wheels of caboose
    - 2 similar to above —-1 egg under coal car, 1 egg under engine
    - 3 —2 possible small gold ones, on top of each gold “stripe” on the engine, another on train front.
    - 1 green egg in bushes in front of fence,
    - 1 small white one in tufts of grass between fence and fields

    Background hills/behind river

    - green egg between cow’s horns
    - 5 (4 faint yellow and one white in grass to r of horse below trees & bee)


    - half dark brown egg below cat’s tail (cat Greg is holding)


    - 2 (golden?) eggs in carrot fields (not as orange as carrots, nor as yellow as corn)
    - 1 (golden?) egg like above, looks to be on the ground between carrot/corn, with a corn stalk or leaf (stripe) in front of it


    - 2 —red-orange one on side, gray one on roof


    - 1 in mouth


    - 1 blue bottom button of overalls
    - 1 red highlight of front boot


    - 1 left nostril
    - maybe one in highlight of left cheek
    - 1 orange in beard (chin)

    Calico Cat

    - 1 left green iris of eye
    - 2 both cheeks (whiskers)
    - 1 chin
    - 3 maybes in white patches on ear, above closed eye, on hip immediately above Greg’s thumb


    - 1 on belly


    - 2 patterned eggs obvious, but...
    + 10 (all 8 around the bottom and 2 more on top are perfect egg shapes “pressed” into cake, not irregular shapes like the others).


    - 1 right front ankle
    - 1 lighter shading on left ankle?
    - 1 left nostril
    - 1 right (of picture) pupil


    - 1 tip of nose
    - 1 lowest section of lowest braid of mane, above cow’s nose
    - 6 (about 6) egg shaped spots (slightly different shade of white) in horse’s coat on it’s neck,
    - 3 more of those on it’s chest
    - 2-4 highlights of horse’s hooves (2 in front more certain)


    - 1 between wings of lowest bee
    - 1 green one in bush, front of horse
    - 6 tiny ones in bush that look more eggs shaped than leaf shaped.

    Tuxedo Cat

    - 1 pink, inner ear
    - 2 cheeks
    - 2 bottom (cat’s left) paws


    CLASH (Picture is much busier and compressed with a couple of repeat characters so it was harder to organize this list. Hope it makes some sense.)


    - 1 brighter white egg in top centre/right cloud
    - 1 in far right cloud above clan castle
    - 1 in far left cloud behind BK

    Mountains —Don’t see any


    - 1 light green tree centre of pic between archer and barbarian

    Grass (sort of left to right)

    - 1 bright green egg “leaf” on plant at base of gold storage
    - 2 more (1 pink on this archer’s foot, and 1 lighter pink on the spike of the gold storage—seen under archer’s knee)
    - 1 bright green on grass partially hiding behind miner’s arm


    - 3 white egg in her hair, yellow between her hands, yellow on her dress


    - 1 blue in hood
    - 4 (golden?) eggs in his fireball, top to bottom (one of these is gold and patterned, just a smidge below the brown one on AQ’s bow, one above goblin’s sack, one at tip of & one below barbarians’s sword)
    - 1 larger of the holes in the rock wizard is standing on (the larger of the holes)


    - 1 Gold egg? peeking out of flap of patch on left goblin’s bag
    - 2 on right goblin... chin and belly
    - 1 top of purple crystal by this goblin’s belly is egg-shaped, unlike others
    - 1 red rivet? on right side of gold storage

    Valk -1 red in her hair


    x-bow - 2 —light gray on the metal front, light brown on wood tip.
    - 1 highlight/paler area egg shape on her skirt to right side of sash


    - 2 eggs on Barbarian under AQ — gray egg inset of his belt buckle shield, red one on the end of his belt
    - 1 gray egg on smaller, more distant barbarian who’s breaking the wall a bit farther back
    - 1 green egg on only light green tree near there (rest are dark)
    - 2 barb in front of cannon — 1 ab muscle, 1 on foot by sandal strap
    - 4 on barb in front of witch —1 yellowish on bottom front tooth, leaning left, one ivory/white, bottom middle tooth laying on side, 1 on center fingernail, and one on toe, below strap


    - 1 whitish/gray on heel of diving skeleton
    - 1 on the fuse of the bomb he’s holding
    - 1 on shoulder blade of foreground skeleton, one small yellow on the end of it’s sword handle


    - 2 —one pink/purple striped (left eye), one on her arm (elbow?) under shoulder guard.

    Barb King

    - 4 —one underneath handle of sword, one on his bicep, one in glimmer of arrowhead that’s bouncing off his glove, gold? one in centre of the strap on his chest

    Clan Castle

    - 2 —one in centre turret, one above door behind witch (Looks like that Castle has a face and this is on the nose, lol)
    - 2 on hogrider —one on nose, one highlight of bracelet
    - 1 hog’s tusk
    - 2 golden eggs touching cc? near hogrider’s elbow
    - 1 of green egg between BK’s back and CC


    - 4 dark orange below shovel, white area in candle, drip of candle wax, and gray rivet on shovel

    - 1 inside of ladder on archer tower, above builder’s head
    - 1 pattern on archer’s skirt is disrupted—may be an egg there

    Ok, that’s enough, lol. Thanks for doing all of this, Rain!

    Thanks TerM!

    I *still* need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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    sir, i think today is the day when we will get answer. so where is ans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachin8510 View Post
    after the day end (27th) ... when the results will be declared ?  its my 1st contest ever
    Hi! Thank you for entering! I will need some time to go through all the entries, but I will try my best to be quick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Electrifyingankur View Post
    Suppose two players who got all eggs right and you have to choose one of them....which will be given priority if following case arise :
    1) Guy who got all eggs but made 15 guesses and posted first
    2)Guy who got all eggs but made 1-2 guesses and posted second
    Just curious :V I could be the second guy.
    If more than 10 people have found all of the eggs then it will be the first 10 people to do so who are winners. Hope that helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by GAMEMAN95 View Post
    sir, i think today is the day when we will get answer. so where is ans?
    The 27th was the last day to enter the contest, but it will take me a while to go through all the entries.

    Thank you all so much for playing!! It was really fun! There were a lot of entries so it will take me a little while to post the winners. Please be patient. I will eventually post a picture with the eggs circled so you can see where they were. And I will also be approving this entire thread so that everyone can see all the posts in here. It shouldn’t be too long. Again....thank you so much for joining in!

    Here is the final list of all the entries...

    Night Crawler

    The Dragon is a mighty flying unit that can attack both ground and air targets.

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