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Thread: TH 9 No longer the make or break TH level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luicetarro View Post
    But your troups and attacks pick up pace during TH9. It is a grind, but you're getting pretty much rewarded for it. Finally leaving the dragon-zone and having an arsenal to lots of attacks, including queen-walks.
    For new players i agree..
    But with so many ppl doing 2nd and 3rd accounts - for those it is a grind only...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ombre View Post
    For new players i agree..
    But with so many ppl doing 2nd and 3rd accounts - for those it is a grind only...
    Well, those are experienced enough to know where to find delex for their heroes and troups. Grindy, yes. But at least they know how to ease the pain by using their knowledge.

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    Th 9 is the worst th in the game, the hero grind with everything done months before is dumb. Max should be 25 at 9 and 15 levels at 10 in my opinion.

    Rarely do you see someone max hero's before going to 10. I think 10 is the best th as there are so many options and it's fun. 8 would be my 2nd. 11 sucks, I hate it and wish I would have stayed a max 10 but you have to progress in the game.

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    TH9 has been miserable to me on second account, just too much of a de grind. Heroes and lab sucked the fun out.

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    Agreed, TH9 or any level isnt the grind it once was due to all the advancement tools like hammers etc. Which in my opinion is a smart move on SCs part. Hero grind at 9 is still tough but not like it once was, I also think TH11 is a grind with the amount of defence upgrades and cost.
    But Im old and remember the days of the 45 minute cook time for that golem or hound, so...........
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    With one of my new low level th accounts, fearing the being done with th9 walls/lab/defense etc long before heroes, I've purposefully rushed up until the th9 point. Im at th9 right now, max elix lab 10/10 with lvl 6 walls and th6/7 defenses. I feel its the best way to go with how fast you can blow through th9s non-hero upgrades now compared to 3 yeara ago.

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    I didn't play my TH9 minis (so the vast majority of my progress is from pumps only) and they got to max (including walls) but has only teenage heroes. Nowadays you have to goblin knife every attack and ignore dead bases with low DE in order to hit max in a "balanced" way.

    Heroes got a small cost/time reduction, but it's nothing compared to the reductions in all other buildings. Also, star/league bonuses were increased, but the DE bonus was not increased in proportion with the G/E bonuses. Plus the 7th gold mine and elixir collector were moved down to TH9. On top of it walls got cheaper. The TH9 grind simply changed from grinding walls+heroes to grinding heroes. The global problem is that people go to TH10 with weak heroes, and those accounts aren't much help in war.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dommersan View Post
    TH9 has been miserable to me on second account, just too much of a de grind. Heroes and lab sucked the fun out.
    TH9 is easy to grind DE if you know where to farm and use the appropriate army. Heroes already upgrade much faster now. If you're having that much difficulty farming put the mini in a FWA clan since you can war with heroes down.

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    Had no trouble farming my Dark in Crystall with GiBarch, or later on with Loonion in Masters, as both heroes were down 24/7.
    Don't find it too difficult right now as TH10 as well. The new level for the pump and the siegemachines made it even easier to get more dark and get deep into a base with a cheap army.

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    Goblins + jump (right now valks + jump) are letting me keep the DE flowing for getting my AQ going into her teens with no fuss. The season bank will be a big boost too.
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