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Thread: Lost City - Now Recruiting

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    Lost City - Now Recruiting

    Welcome to the Lost City forums!

    About the clan
    Lost City was created on 19 April 2019 by leader Nunchi. Within it's first 24 hours of existence, 27 members already joined, and hopefully many more moving forward... wink-wink

    Scroll down for more (rules, details, etc.)


    Clan Details
    Tag: #298 RJ2 QJ9 (spaces for easier reading - remove when searching)
    Required Trophies:
    Home Village: 800
    Builder Base: 0
    War Frequency: Twice a week
    Clan Location: International
    Language: English

    Rules (Rules for Co-leaders: next paragraph)
    Age: 13+
    Be online at least 1 time every 2 days
    Speak English
    Be respectful - treat everyone as family/equals
    Swearing is allowed but only rarely used
    If both attacks in war are left unused, player will be opted out of the next war and (if a co-leader) demoted

    Rules for Co-leaders
    If your power as a Co-leader is abused, you will be kicked and banned from the clan
    You have the permission to kick people if they: are using malicious language
    did not use their attacks in war
    invited a kicked player back into the clan
    You do not have permission to start a war unless you are told otherwise.

    How to become an Elder
    Once the red "new" sign next to your name disappears, you will be promoted to elder. That shows that you have been loyal so far and may be trusted.

    How to become a Co-Leader
    Has proven trustworthiness
    Has proven said member is responsible
    This decision is entirely based on the leader, Nunchi's, opinion on the player.
    Player will never be a Co-leader if it has been asked for. Period.

    If you are eligible to join, please feel welcome to. We would love to have you!
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