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Thread: Looking to join a set up FWA clan

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    Looking to join a set up FWA clan


    im looking to join a functional FWA war farm clan.

    I am looking for this on my rushed mini - Jaybro Ď#2GY8PRQ2Cí

    Itís a rushed TH9, basically a th7, I know itís not ideal as a FWA base but I would really appreciate if a clan would give me a chance and let me in, I want to join so that I can max it out from the easy war loot, because itís my mini I have not donated much on it, but I can assure I will donate wherever I can and be a active and loyal member.

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    FWA generally only accept full weight TH9 and above.

    FWA (Farm War Alliance) Website:

    FWA uses the BAND app for all communications, you need to get this app to join the alliance.
    The web version of the app can be used too.

    - Clan Recruitment Band:

    Level 17
    - 16,870/17,800 | Master II
    BloodyIrishman - TH12 [Level 202] - #2 in TH12 Hall of Fame
    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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