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    at your base.
    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    Yes man
    A friend of mine, TH12 maxed heroes, has level 3 pekka.
    He told me he didn't upgrade that troop because she was useless
    Guess what
    Pekka is one of troops on the current meta

    Level 3 pekka 臘♥♂️
    +1 to that. have a clan mate with same level of pekka

    Adding to this, same guy also had Level 3 drag because he didnt use drags after th8. Then came the bat spell and drags became useful.
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    Dragons are useful for a TH12? Seriously? I think EDs are way better.

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    There are also TH12 with level 1 poison since they think it's useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickV View Post
    Dragons are useful for a TH12? Seriously? I think EDs are way better.
    Easier, but not always better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post

    His post is nothing to do with the lab. The current title is misleading, but not enough so that we would force a change.
    To drive the point itís not maxed... (motivation)

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    I would just like to collect all the gold flames and that alone is reason enough for me to upgrade it all.
    I am close to a max lab myself. Currently upgrading minions which I donít use and next up is blimp which I never use either or can easily get maxed in CC but Iíll upgrade it anyway, I like having the lights on in the lab.

    I have sat on a max lab before at various stages in the game and upgraded what was considered useless troops or spells before just to find they will have some use later on. I upgraded bowlers way back when they were still weak then was really happy I had upgraded bowlers when they changed them to be good suddenly.

    Through the years Iíve used so many different troops and spells and who knows what will be the next to go to strategy.
    Sometimes changes donít have to be made directly to the troop or spell itself for it to become useful/strong suddenly.

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    A max EQ spell deals 25% damage. I used to bring this spell (in CC) during my time as TH9, when I used QW valkrun. Drop that one spell on high HP buildings (often in the middle) and the valks went through it quicker, and proceeded quicker, including through surrounding walls. Secondly, I used max earth again very recently during the dragon event on TH10, destroying TH11 AD's with zap-quake.
    I agree, not the most used spell, but wait till you unlock skeleton spell... ;-)

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